Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Video: “Tom Perriello after historic health care vote”


Good work by Mike Stark on this. And, of course, great work by Tom "Conviction Politics" Perriello!

Also, check out the health care reform SUPPORTERS who greeted Tom Perriello as he walked outside after the vote last night. As Mike Stark writes, "You don't hear much about these folks, do you?" Yeah, I guess it's that "liberal media" (suuuuure) at work once again. Heh.

Thank Them For Voting Yes!

Yesterday, Democrats took a historic vote that was  certainly the right thing to do, but which was difficult politically for many of them.  Now, it's time for us to tell them - as Adam B writes on Daily Kos - that "when Democrats act courageously in the interests of our country, progressives will have their backs and support them."  So, please give generously to the members on this list, particularly to Virginia's own Tom Perriello. In addition, please call Tom and say "thank you!" at (202) 225-4711. To thank Gerry Connolly, call (202) 225-1492; to thank Bobby Scott, call (202) 225-8351, and to thank Jim Moran, call (202) 225-4376.  

“Kudos to Tom Perriello For Telling the Truth”


UPDATE: Waldo's take is, "Teabaggers upset with Perriello for agreeing with them." Very funny.

Breaking: Tom Perriello Will Vote FOR Health Care Reform

I just heard the great news, will provide more information as I receive it. Thank you Congressman Perriello!!

UPDATE: If you want, you can thank Tom by contributing to his reelection campaign.

UPDATE #2: The News & Advance confirms that Perriello will vote "yes," noting that "he's convinced that the bill will not use tax dollars for abortion, and also has provisions that could reduce the number of abortions."

UPDATE #3: Tom Perriello's statement.

After all of the valid ideological debates, health care reform for me comes down to whether this bill will save money for working families and small business and whether it will keep our hospitals and clinics from closing their doors. It will. At this moment, we either move towards solutions or point fingers while our health care system, our federal treasury, and our middle-class families go bankrupt. I will not sit by while that happens to our nation and our families. I came to Washington to do what is necessary, not what is easy, and reforming our health care system ranks near the top of that list.

This legislation will reduce our federal deficit by $1.2 trillion, and for a family of four making $60,000 a year, they can expect to see their costs lowered by $1,000-$2,000 every year under this legislation, and probably more over time. That is real money back in the pockets of working families at a critical time.

I believe this health care reform legislation is a critical step forward for America. But I cannot support the backroom deals and kickbacks infamously inserted into Senate side, like the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. Nor can I support the crushing 40% tax that would fall on many middle-class families under their bill. So I am prepared to vote yes on health care reform as soon as 51 Senators commit to seeing this reconciliation bill through to completion.

Tom Perriello: Senate Health Care Bill Upholds Hyde Amendment

The following statement is from Rep. Tom Perriello and is basically a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on the Senate health care bill in terms of abortion language.  Whaddya think of that, Rep. Stupak? :)
Since the beginning of the debate on health care reform, I have maintained a pledge that I would not support any health care reform bill that includes federal funding for abortion, and I stand by that pledge today. The original House bill language (Capps Amendment) did not meet this standard, and so I opposed that language. I voted for the Stupak Amendment-the only alternative offered at the time-because it ensured no federal funding of abortions, even though it also went beyond the current federal standard (Hyde Amendment) to prevent Americans from purchasing private insurance with their own dollars.

As health care experts and pro-life leaders agree, the abortion language in the Senate bill upholds the Hyde Amendment standard. The Senate health care bill prevents federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions, as the Catholic Hospital Association and legal experts have recently stated and as my own research has confirmed.

Furthermore, several key yet unadvertised provisions of the bill are likely to reduce the number of abortions in this country in ways that move beyond politics toward a real impact on the culture of life in our country, such as those that provide $250 million for programs to support vulnerable pregnant women and increase the adoption tax credit, also making it refundable, so that lower income families can access it fully.

I have tended to avoid the labels pro-life and pro-choice-often drawing ire from both sides of this debate-because I believe those labels serve to end debate rather than start us on a path towards solutions. I understand why many pro-choice groups consider the Senate language a major setback, but I made this pledge to the people I represent. Mired as we are in the issue of taxpayer dollars in this debate, we have not been discussing how this bill can reduce abortions. My hope is that, after this debate in the health care bill, lawmakers will come together to support a culture of life in their policy-making, including improving pre- and post-natal care.

I have plenty of serious problems with the Senate bill and, until I see the final language, I cannot take a position on final passage. But the existing language on abortion in the current Senate bill meets the pledge I made to ensure no federal funding for abortion in this health care bill.