Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Please Republicans, Campaign on Repealing Health Care Reform!

If Republicans want to campaign this year on repealing health care reform, that's fine with me. In fact, I encourage them to argue for repealing provisions in health care reform legislation like:

*Preventing insurance companies from denying coverage for "pre-existing conditions"
*Allowing children to be covered on their parents' insurance plan up to the age of 26.
*Closing the "donut hole" (the coverage gap in the Medicare prescription drug benefit)
*Ending lifetime spending limits on policies
*Forbidding insurers from retroactively canceling policies
*Removing co-pays for seniors to get checkups

All of these provisions are in the health care reform legislation passed by Congress, and all are extremely popular with the American people.  If Republicans like Rob Wittman, Frank Wolf, Robert Hurt, Scott Rigell, Keith Fimian, Pat Herrity, Morgan Griffith, etc. want to run on repealing these things, I strongly encourage them to do so and see how the voters respond in November. This should be interesting! :)

P.S. It might even be Republicans' "Waterloo."  Wouldn't that be ironic?

Morgan Griffith’s Wedding Makes Me Want To Sleep With The Lights...

When the headline is Griffith 'really not that weird' ... it's probably not all that positive a story from a political point of view:
[Del. Morgan] Griffith [R-Salem] also has an odd fondness for dressing up like one of his heroes, Revolutionary War Gen. Andrew Lewis.

That's a little strange, but there's something about him I've always found even stranger:

Griffith was married five years ago in Salem's East Hill Cemetery, next to the dead general's grave.

Yes, this is House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, who wants to be the next Congressman from Virginia's 9th district. Hold your children close, put on your garlic necklace, sprinkle holy water on your laptop, and read the whole thing at the Roanoke Times.