Monday, April 6, 2020
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McEachin Blasts Cooch for “Ludicrous” Lawsuit on Clean Cars

The following statement is from Environment Virginia. See in particular Sen. Donald McEachin's statement (after the "flip") that he is "frustrated and dismayed" by Ken Cuccinelli's "ludicrous lawsuits that waste time and money." That includes, apparently, yet another lawsuit, this time against higher fuel economy standards for automobiles. As Sen. McEachin points out, Cuccinelli is focusing on these time-and-money-wasting lawsuits, "[r]ather than protect Virginians from internet predators, consumer fraud and identity theft."

White House Shows Leadership on Clean Cars

Congress Urged to Protect New Standards by Rejecting Efforts to Weaken Clean Air Act

Richmond - In a huge win for Virginia's environment, public health and national security, the Obama administration today announced new standards for automobile fuel economy and global warming emissions. An Environment Virginia analysis found that these new federal standards - based on the "clean cars program" developed by California and adopted by 13 other states - will save Virginians 324 million gallons of gasoline by 2016 as compared to the previous federal standards, while reducing emissions of global warming pollutants and providing a net economic savings to consumers.

"Thanks to President Obama's leadership, the cars of tomorrow will be cleaner and cost less to fuel than the cars of today," said Environment Virginia Advocate J.R. Tolbert. "Today's announcement is the direction that America should be taking when addressing our energy needs. Rather than drilling off our coastlines we should prioritize conservation and renewable energy when meeting the nation's energy needs."

The rest of the statement is after the "flip"

McEachin On Cooch Wasting Our Money


"Those lawyers that are going to be working on this lawsuit are going to be using their time, which is what we pay them to do to work for the state of Virginia on a frivolous action, when they could be tracking down bad predatory lenders, they could be taking aim at internet predators, they're going to be engaged in a lawsuit that is doomed to failure..."

h/t: Decision Virginia

Donald McEachin: Ken Cuccinelli “is using this office for his political...


Sen. McEachin is absolutely correct, both that Cooch is "using this office for his political agenda" and also that "[t]here is a ton of constitutional law that suggests that these lawsuits [by Ken Cuccinelli] are frivolous." Unfortunately, Cooch is Attorney General, which means that he's able to wasting our tax dollars doing those things. Our only real option? Do what we can to stop him, slow him down, rein him in, and of course gain politically off of Cooch's lunacy and wild overreach.