Pat Mullins Pounds the Pelosi Drum


    Virginia Republican Party Chairman Pat Mullins sees the opportunity for Virginia to help “take our country back.” At the monthly meeting of the Virginia Beach unit last evening, he called for members to give money, work the polls, go door to door, and lick envelopes. He worked the Pelosi theme.

    “This year we have the possibility here in Virginia of picking up two to four Congressional seats. That’s ten percent of what we need to take our country back from President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.” – Mullins

    Referring to the second congressional district race, Mullins stated that Glenn Nye has gotten a pass for the last year. Mullins claims that Nye has been told by the Speaker of the House that if he needs to vote a certain way to keep his seat, he should vote that way. The message is clear and the message is pliable: the focus will be on Speaker Pelosi. For a Congressman like Tom Perriello the criticism will certainly be that he is Pelosi’s lapdog.

    “If he gets elected again, just as he was elected two years ago, his very first vote will be what his very first vote was the last time. And, that’s to elect Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House. So if you all like what’s happening in Washington, you like Obama’s policies, if you like the way Pelosi ramrods stuff through that nobody else wants, then go ahead and vote for Congressman Nye (substitute any Democratic Candidate here) because he’ll be voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.” – Mullins

    That Mullins made the effort to attend the RPVB monthly meeting may signal that the party smells an opportunity. But is he also concerned about local unity after a contentious primary? The Republican candidate, Scott Rigell was not there; he is on vacation. The runner-up in the primary, Ben Loyola, was.  


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