Climate Change Activists to Greet McAuliffe


    Safe natural gas photo 141013RichmondResistance_R_zpscf1911be.jpg Like his discredited predecessor and kowtowing to the fossil fuel sector, Governor McAuliffe has embraced an “all of the above” energy plan that begrudgingly mentions renewable energy. Tomorrow he’ll foist it at the Science Museum of Virginia. Some of the people he avoided in Charlottesville will be inside to greet him.

    Climate change activists, including Richmond Resistance have organized an assembly that is drawing participants from across Virginia. While access to the event inside the museum is at capacity, some activists who oppose the Dominion natural gas pipeline did obtain entry and will be there. They do not intend to disrupt the event, but will wear shirts that show solidarity with those picketing outside.  

    The Sierra Club commended the McAuliffe plan for promoting renewables “to jump start our lagging clean energy business sector.”

    On the other hand, the club’s Virginia director, Glen Besa, said in a statement that McAuliffe’s support “for offshore drilling, and expanding gas pipelines and coal technology exports seriously undercuts his intentions to address climate change.”  —Associated Press via

    Talk about faint praise.

    And the Sierra Club understates the main objection. This plan egregiously ignores the impact of the “strategy” on climate change. Between the lines is a pragmatic acceptance of fracking and the resulting threat to aquifers and the atmosphere; just to mention a couple of things vital to the environment.

    There appears no serious investment in wind and solar energy contained in the 461 page plan. The Governor’s continued pragmatism on climate change and other issues may do more to suppress Virginia’s Democratic vote in 2016 than any Republican scheme, much to the chagrin of a close and personal friend.

    • swvagrl

      I don’t know about other regions in the state, but Montgomery County is gearing up to fight the Mountain Valley pipeline. And, we think we will win. I, like many of  my friends, work at the grassroots level for Democrats, and we worked hard last year to elect the three state leaders. Now, I and others are disappointed with the lack of progressive leadership Governor McAuliffe is showing for renewable energy. Worse still, he seems to be a supporter of at least two large natural gas conduits through our state. The Mountain Valley pipeline is especially egregious because it carries gas from Marcellus Shale fields that has been fracked. We hope that the Governor has been receiving bad information and has not heard from all the stakeholders.

    • FYI, Robert “Bob” Blue is President of Dominion Virginia Power. And no, we did NOT believe we were voting for Dominion Virginia Power to write Virginia’s energy policy for four years when we voted for Terry McAuliffe last November.

    • Eileen Levandoski

      A guest opinion piece in today’s RTD from Angela Navarro with SELC completely nails the Governor’s task at hand.

      Read it and then take action!

    • Dan Sullivan

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    • Dan Sullivan

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    • Dan Sullivan

      Unhappy With the Energy Plan photo 141014GovernorMcAuliffeGreeters_3_zps91ac27bf.jpg

    • Governor pledges to catch up to neighboring states in renewable energy and efficiency investments

      RICHMOND-Dawone Robinson, Virginia Policy Director at the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, had the following statement in response to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s remarks this morning in releasing the Virginia Energy Plan:

      “Governor McAuliffe’s emphasis today on investing in energy efficiency and expanding solar power in Virginia are encouraging. Virginia’s vast and untapped renewable energy potential is well documented. We can catch up to our neighbors in clean energy, but only if we finally put the policies in place to harness it. We look forward to working with lawmakers in January to ensure real progress is made.

      “However, the plan’s support for expanding fracked gas pipelines is worrisome and in fact contradictory to the governor’s consistent call to address climate change. Rather than supporting Dominion Virginia Power’s titanic gas pipeline, Governor McAuliffe should instead call on Dominion to quickly build safe and reliable offshore wind power in the 112,000 acres the company exclusively leased in September of last year.

      “Today Governor McAuliffe spoke passionately about the need to address climate change by catching up to neighboring states in renewable energy and efficiency investments. We hope that in the coming months Governor McAuliffe will show the leadership we need and work toward rapid expansion of renewable energy, rather than compound the impacts of climate change with more fossil fuels like natural gas.”