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Video: Cringe-Inducing Comstock Blames Sexual Harassment on Cultural and Racial Differences


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Barbara Comstock recently chaired a subcommittee hearing on “Sexual Harassment and Misconduct in Science”. During the hearing she made some incredible statements for someone who claims to be leading the charge on this issue.

During her remarks to the committee Comstock proceeds to blame the victims, starting off by saying that because they are scientists, “Perhaps they haven’t been engaged socially a lot.” Even if you accept her stereotype that all scientists are socially awkward, just what does she think this has to do with sexual harassment?

In just sixty seconds, Comstock manages to say the following:

  • Female scientists are studying too hard and lack social skills
  • They need to go places with a buddy
  • Attributes harassment to cultural differences
  • “Racially, people have different expectations”
  • We haven’t prepared women sufficiently to deal with harassment in the workplace

Or as Comstock put it:

“Just sort of common sense kind of things that our mom might tell us”

You can watch the entire ludicrous statement below.

Comstock wants a checklist to give women so they can change their behavior in order to avoid harassment. Dr. Clancy answered Comstock’s nonsensical question by correctly putting the onus on the supervisors instead of the employees.

“I really think it’s on the PI, the principal investigator, or the boss, or the director of the field site.”

Dr. Clancy went on to point out that her research showed that a majority of research sites did not have a code of conduct or if they had one, the respondents were unaware of it.

Sexual harassment in the workplace, including scientific field sites, is a serious problem. Unfortunately, all Barbara Comstock has to offer are anonymous stories she has heard from friends of friends, and an embarrassingly outdated approach that blames victims.

  • Anthony Shifflett

    She has to go. I’m tired of her, and she’s now my only Republican representation in either Richmond or DC.

    Tired of her.

  • Perseus1986

    Middlebury’s finest…

  • LaureenMT

    Shocking that she thinks she is supporting women, when she holds women responsible for not being “prepared” to face sexual harassment. She does not understand. Women scientists, along with women in other fields, deserve to be taken seriously without harassment. Get with it or get out, Comstock!

  • Miss her

    Lowell, admit it, you’ll miss Comstock when she’s gone. Who will you have to beat up on?
    I’m already feeling a bit nostalgic for her. And we still have almost 8 months left before she goes.
    Remember when she was first elected? She was the great GOP female hope, with statewide (and possibly national) potential. If she really had an iota of that potential, the trumpers sure made sure it all got sucked out.

    • Something tells me we won’t run out of Republican lunacy, idiocy, etc. after Comstock’s gone…

    • Anthony Shifflett

      She’s my representative, and I can’t wait until she’s gone. This video is why.

      And yes, I remember her as the great hope. Listen to her speak for any length of time. Not the brightest bulb.

  • woodrowfan

    somehow I have the feeling that if some man did this to her, she would not blame herself…..

  • DevotedSkeptic

    Comstock hasn’t demonstrated prior concern about racial and cultural sensitivity. But she’ll feign concern now, with this issue??