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BREAKING: Virginia GOP Chair John Whitbeck Announces Resignation


by Kyle McDaniel

In a move that came as a shock to most observers, John Whitbeck abruptly announced his resignation as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) earlier today at the party’s State Central Committee meeting in Richmond.

More details will likely emerge, but first musings are fairly obvious: either John wants to turn his disastrous tenure as chairman into another run for public office [UPDATE by Lowell: maybe for the House of Delegates seat currently held by Democrat Wendy Gooditis, or for Sen. Jennifer Wexton’s seat if/when she defeats Barbara Comstock for U.S. House?), or he was kindly shown the door by the Republican National Committee ( RNC). Or maybe both.

After the overwhelming victory in this months primary by every white supremacist’s best friend, Corey Stewart, it would be no surprise if the RNC actually did step in and insist on a change. As for running for political office, if you can’t run RPV, I guess trying your hand at running the state is the next logical step!

Either way, the RPV continues its slide into irrelevancy.

P.S. by Lowell: With Virginia GOP Chair John Whitbeck resigning, it might be a good opportunity for a quick recap of his illustrious – ok, maybe not! LOL – career. That includes serving as VA GOP Chair starting on January 24, 2015; since then, Virginia Republicans have lost election after election, including Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 5 points, a complete wipeout in November 2017 (Democrats swept the statewide races plus picked up 15 seats in the House of Delegates), and now the nomination of neo-Confederate Corey Stewart over party favorite Nick Freitas. Complete debacle, in other words. With that, here are a few links to get you caught up:

UPDATE 3:52 pm by Lowell: I’m hearing speculation about Nancy Dye to replace Whitbeck. For some info on her, see Virginia Democrats criticize Dye as extremist on abortion (“The criticism comes one day after Dye, a retired surgeon, called for Planned Parenthood to be investigated and defunded”).

UPDATE 2:11 pm by Lowell: The Washington Post reports, “‘Other political opportunities have arisen for me that I am thinking about pursuing,’ he told members of the party’s governing board at a meeting. He did not elaborate.” Also, “There is speculation Whitbeck does not want to spend the next four months answering for Stewart.” Ya think? 🙂


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