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We’re FINALLY Seeing Some Movement on the Scott Taylor #Petitiongate Scandal; Two Indictments Presented


Former Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA02)’s #Petitiongate scandal has been out there for months now, with a special prosecutor looking into it. Now, finally, it looks like we’re seeing some movement, and it’s not looking good for the former Congressman.

A special prosecutor in Virginia says he’s presented two indictments of election fraud against a person who worked on a Republican congressman’s doomed re-election campaign.

Special prosecutor Donald Caldwell announced the indictment in a statement Monday. He did not identify the staffer who worked on Scott Taylor’s campaign in Virginia’s coastal 2nd Congressional District.

And gotta love this: “A meeting was held in then Congressman Scott Taylor’s office in Washington, DC… where a decision was reached to support Ms Brown’s effort by using available campaign resources to circulate petitions on her behalf.”

P.S. For more background on the “Petitiongate” scandal in VA-02, see:

Great stuff, eh?


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