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Video: Re-Elect Dr. Babur Lateef Chairman of the Prince William County School Board


Among the many important, local races in Virginia this year, we’ve got Dr. Babur Lateef (D), who defeated Republican Alyson Satterwhite last November in a special election, by a 48%-42% margin. This fall, those two candidate are in a rematch, and it’s important that we reelect Dr. Lateef.  As Dr. Lateef explains in the following video:

“Prior to my arrival, the School Board was in constant conflict. Since my election, we’ve been able to consistently collaborate on a vision of improved student success safety and security, space and infrastructure and salaries. I’m hoping to continue this vision. Please reelect me, Dr. Babur Lateef, for Prince William County School Board Chair this November 5.”
As an example of how the School Board is working harmoniously and effectively, note that in March, the School Board voted *unanimously* (8-0) “to approve its $1.5 billion budget for fiscal year 2020,” providing the “highest teacher pay increase in 10 years” and including “the hiring of an additional 46 counselors for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as an increase in the number of psychologists and social workers.”  Good stuff.

Of course, if Prince William County voters want this success to continue, they’re going to have to break the historic, dramatic “dropoff” pattern we’ve seen in off/odd election years, and turn out to vote on November 5.  As an added bonus, that will also help the other county-wide Democratic candidates, such as Ann Wheeler for PW County Board of Supervisors Chair, Amy Ashworth for PW County Commonwealth’s Attorney  and Josh King for PW County Sheriff.  And it will help elect/reelect Democrats – Del. Hala Ayala (HD-51), Del. Danica Roem (HD13), Del. Lee Carter (HD-50), Del. Elizabeth Guzman (HD31), Dan Helmer (HD40), etc. –  to the Virginia House of Delegates, as well as Democrats (Kenny Boddye in Occoquan district, Raheel Sheikh in Coles district, Maggie Hansford in Brentsville district, etc.) to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

Is that enough motivation? If not, then consider the alternative, which is right-wing Republicans continuing to control Prince William County, with a County Board Chair who might be even worse than neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, and with a School Board Chair who voted against expanding non-discrimination policies, and who certainly wouldn’t be the type of inclusive, effective leader – as Dr. Lateef is – to move Prince William County schools forward.

P.S. See a statement from Dr. Lateef, below the video.

I am a physician, parent, public servant, and a product of public education. 
Since my appointment to the board and winning last year’s special election,  we have have had considerable success. 
We passed the best budget in over a decade. We gave teachers and all employees the largest raise(4.8%) they’ve had in over 10 years. 
We’ve hired over 40 mental health workers and counselors for our school division. 
We have reduced trailers significantly by building new schools and adding additions to older schools. 
We are addressing safety and security with best practices and making sure we have the mental health professionals available in our schools. 
We have begun to address equity issues and are committed to improving our curriculum to ensure student success across the board. 
We have much more to do and over the next four years I will continue to work to improve student success, safety and security, space and infrastructure, and salaries.
Public education worked for me from kindergarten through medical school and I wanted to work for all of our children.

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