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Video: Virginia’s Embarrassment, Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09), Badgers Dr. Rick Bright on Discredited Hydroxychloroquine

Rep. Griffith: "Can't we be so careful that we actually...accidentally kill people?"


One of Virginia’s biggest political embarrassments at the federal level is, undoubtedly, Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA09), a hard-right, Trump-worshipping, climate-science-denying extremist who, over the years, has said and done shit like the following:

Now, in his latest embarrassing display, Griffith had a chance to ask some intelligent, helpful questions of ousted vaccine expert Dr. Rick Bright, and…of course, completely failed to do so. Instead, Griffith wasted everyone’s time, and added to his record of being a complete joke, by asking the following:

  • “We want to have the double blind studies…but when you have few or no options, it seems to me you would go after those things that are available, and if hydroxychloroquine’s one at one point…high doses of Vitamin C…What was the great hesitancy to at least let doctors try...even if anecdotally it was having some effect…and if you’ve got few or no options, why wouldn’t you want to go down that pathway?” (the “duh,” no-brainer response by Dr. Bright, for the Congressman with no brain – “We want to make sure that the drugs that we consider are safe and effective…Many of these studies that we had are anedotal…did not include a thorough safety vetting of those drugs”)
  • Griffith then followed up, clearly not comprehending anything Dr. Bright just said, “If you’re worrying about not having a heartbeat at all, you’re not worried about irregular [heartbeats] if you don’t have one at all, am I not correct about that?…Why wouldn’t we want to accept an offer from a manufacturer to give us a lot of this [hydroxychloroquine] and have it out there for widespread use…Am I not correct?” (Again, the “duh,” no-brainer answer from Dr. Bright to the Congressman with no brain: “We need to do it carefully, sir…”)
  • And finally…it doesn’t get any better from Griffith, who asks: “Can’t we be so careful that we actually…accidentally kill people?” (Amazing that Dr. Bright doesn’t lose it, but he stays calm and responds, “It’s important to use available clinical data, and if we know there are potential risks, we need to make sure that we’re cognizant of those risks, and make sure that those drugs are used in a safe and controlled manner.”)

Nope, Morgan Griffith shouldn’t be a member of Congress. Or the Virginia House of Delegates, where he used to serve. Or dog catcher. Or any other public office. Unfortunately, he’s in one of the most pro-Trump districts in America, so he’s likely not going anywhere, but will probably continue to embarrass Virginia for many more years to come. Sigh…


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