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BREAKING: Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Appeals to GOP State Central Committee Over Planned June 13th Drive-Through Convention at “Tree of Life Ministries” Church in Lynchburg


See below and/or click here for a legal petition, by Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) to the Republican Party of Virginia State Central Committee, “challenging the Fifth District Committee’s May 11, 2020 vote to have a drive-through unassembled convention at a single location—a vote that favors one candidate over the other at the expense of the Party’s convention delegates.” Currently, VA05 Republicans are scheduled to select their nominee — incumbent Denver Riggleman or challenger Bob Good — at an unassembled convention on June 13, 2020 at a single location, specifically the Tree of Life Ministries in Lynchburg, Virginia.”

This petition demands relief, specifically that the State Central Committeerequire the Fifth District Committee to provide for multiple voting locations for any unassembled convention, preferably one in each of the 23 included units.” The petition refers to “shenanigans” by the Bob Good campaign, “coupled with the Fifth District Committee’s biased vote to hold the unassembled convention at Mr. Good’s single preferred location,” and argues that this “place[s] the Republican Party and the Fifth District’s congressional nomination process in an extremely unfavorable light.” 

With that, here’s the petition, as well some screenshots/highlights. Enjoy? LOL

P.S. For some more background on this situation, see National Journal: How Much Trouble is Denver Riggleman in? (“4/25 nominating convention will be held at Tree of Life Church, Bob Good’s home church”); Bob Good vs. Denver Riggleman in VA-05 GOP Nominating Contest: Threatened Lawsuit, Accusation of Intimidation, etc., VA-05 GOP Primary Turns Nasty as Rep. Denver Riggleman Rips His Primary Opponent’s Tactics as “Vile and Disgusting”, Roll Call: Denver Riggleman Designated 4th Most Vulnerable Incumbent, After 5th CD GOP Decides on Convention at Bob Good’s Home Church (!), Rep. Denver Riggleman Rips “Corruption,” “Pay-to-Play,” in His Own Party, etc. And you thought *Democratic* nomination contests were rough? LOL


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