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With Virginia HD02 Dem Nominating Caucus Today, Watch the Candidates’ Saturday Night Debate

Candidates participating were Rozia Henson, Jr., Candi King, Pamela Montgomery, Nyesha Wilson, and the moderator was Del. Elizabeth Guzman.


Today, from 9am to 6pm at Freedom High School in Woodbridge and the Courthouse Community Center in Stafford, VA02 Democrats will select a nominee (in an unassembled caucus) to replace Jennifer Carroll Foy, who announced last week that she’d be resigning from the House of Delegates in order to run full-time for governor of Virginia in 2021. The Democratic candidates are:

  • Keisha Francis (wasn’t at the debate last night)
  • Rozia Henson, Jr.
  • Candi King
  • Pamela Montgomery
  • Nyesha Wilson

With only a few days to plan the caucus – and with the special election set for January 5, 2021 – Democrats were just able to squeeze in one candidate forum, last night, with Del. Elizabeth Guzman moderating and a bit over 100 people watching. See below for video, as four of the candidates – Henson, King, Montgomery and Wilson – discussed their views on issues ranging from education to criminal justice reform to immigration to taking money from Dominion to affordable housing to marijuana to an eviction moratorium. Check it out, and if you’re a Democratic voter in HD02, make sure you let your voice be heard today!


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