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Former Gov./Sen. George Allen (R) Said “You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with.” So Who Does Glenn Youngkin “Stand With?”

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis...


I don’t agree with former Gov./Sen. George Allen (R) on almost anything, but I *do* agree with him that – as he likes to say – “You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with.”  In Glenn Youngkin’s case, it’s even  more important than usual to examine who he “stands with,” because Youngkin has never held elective office, has ZERO voting record, has ZERO record in public office, and has put up ZERO details about his policy plans or issues positions on his campaign website. So basically, most of what we have to go by with Youngkin is his record at the Carlyle Group (for more on that, see Bloomberg Article Reports Youngkin “flamed out” of Carlyle Group, “Racked Up Bad Bets,” Had “checkered record and “little choice but to leave” and GOP candidate’s private equity resume draws scrutiny in Va., his public statements in the campaign to date (see “Glenn Youngkin’s blank slate?” Only If You Paid Literally ZERO Attention To Youngkin’s Hard-Right Campaign., and…who he stands with (see below). So who DOES Glenn Youngkin “stand with?” See below for five really bad ones, not even including the extremist Virginia politicians (Del. Dave LaRock, State Sen. Amanda Chase, Del. John McGuire, LG nominee Winsome Sears, etc.) Youngkin also “stands with.”

  1. Donald Trump – There’s too much to list of this guy’s incompetence, corruption, racism, etc, etc. here, but a few recent ones include Report: New York Prosecutors Are Full Steam Ahead Re: Taking Down the Trump Organization; Only Trump, Mike Pence, and Mike Pompeo seem to be defending Trump’s 2020 Taliban peace deal; Trump heads to Alabama but his Covid politics are everywhere; Mehdi: Why new reporting on the FBI Jan. 6 probe undermines Trump defense
  2. FL Gov. Ron DeSantisThe Reckless Youngkin-DeSantis Agenda Threatens the Health and Safety of Virginia Students and Families; NEW Digital Ad: “Don’t Florida Our Virginia,” Highlights Glenn Youngkin’s Admiration of Ron DeSantis’ Failed COVID-19 Response; FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Called “The Pied Piper leading us off a cliff” as COVID-19 Surges Out of Control, VA GOP Chair Calls This Disaster “The Face of Real Leadership”; etc.
  3. Sen. Ted Cruz – Ted Cruz’s campaign may have spent $150,000 on copies of his book; Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew to Cancun, Mexico, amid weather crisis; @tedcruz has been caught potentially violating federal anti-nepotism laws after giving at least 3 family members positions in both his Senate office and on his campaigns. At least one relative was given a taxpayer funded position. Total corruption.; Sen. Ted Cruz Faces Backlash For His Role In Capitol Violence, etc.
  4. Former Secretary of State Mike PompeoState Department investigating whereabouts of $5,800 bottle of whisky gifted to Mike Pompeo; Mike Pompeo prioritized oil and Saudi relationship after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder.; Pompeo Is Lying About Afghanistan: He laid the groundwork for the Taliban takeover. Now he’s blaming Biden.; Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo: Do You Regret Giving Taliban ‘Legitimacy’?; As Trump’s top diplomat, Pompeo sought to position himself as the president’s successor; etc.
  5. Former VP Mike PenceDonald Trump’s Servile, Hard-Right, Failed VP Mike Pence Campaigns for Glenn Youngkin. So When’s the Trump-Youngkin Rally Going to Happen?; In a speech to a New Hampshire G.O.P. group, Pence calls systemic racism a ‘left-wing myth.’; Mike Pence joins right-wing think tank with long history of anti-LGBTQ advocacy; etc.



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