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Glenn Youngkin to Campaign on 10/31 in NY for “staunch Trump ally” Lee Zeldin, Who Supported Overturning Roe, Voted to Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election, Voted Against Marriage Equality and Gun Background Checks, etc.


Glenn Youngkin might not care about governing Virginia competently or non-corruptly, but he most certainly DOES care about burnishing his national political profile as a MAGA loyalist and warrior.

Evidence? So far, Youngkin’s campaigned this cycle around the country for such luminaries as: Tudor Dixon in Michigan (anti-abortion extremist and election conspiracy theorist, among other things), Paul LePage in Maine (said “the enemy right now…are people of color or people of Hispanic origin” and that no “sane people would want to allow transgender in our primary schools”; called a state legislator a “little son of a bitch, c*cks*cker”; etc.), Heidi Ganahl in Colorado (among other things, “refuses to denounce John Eastman, former CU professor and author of the fraudulent legal memo used to justify the Jan 6 plot, who has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee and by a grand jury investigating election fraud in Georgia”), Joe Lombardo in Nevada (he’s 100% anti-abortion, anti-“Red Flag Laws,” pro-“Don’t-Say-Gay” laws, anti-immigrant…), Derek Schmidt in Kansaselections conspiracy theorist/anti-abortion-extremist/total nutjob Kari Lake in Arizona; Tim Michels – Whose Position on Abortion Is “exact mirror of the 1849 law”; Said “I don’t think [Trump] did anything wrong” on 1/6/21; Encouraged “people to take up ‘pitchforks and torches’”; Denies Climate Science; etc. – on 10/26, etc.

And the latest MAGA/Trumpist/far-right candidate Youngkin’s going to be campaigning for? That would be NY governor candidate Lee Zeldin, who Youngkin will stump for on October 31. So who is Lee Zeldin, exactly? Here are some, uh, “highlights.”

So yeah, that’s who supposed “moderate” (according to the stenographic, whitewashing, clueless political media) Glenn Youngkin’s going to campaign for. As former Governor/Senator George Allen always liked to say, “You can tell a lot about people by the folks they stand with.”  Based on that, we can now tell a LOT – none of it good – about Glenn Youngkin!


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