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Youngkin to Campaign for Trump-Endorsed, Far-Right OK Gov. Stitt, Who Signed Into Law “the most restrictive ban on elective abortion in the United States.”

Stitt also is a big fan of hydroxychloroquine and an opponent of COVID vaccines...


If there were any doubts prior to the 2022 election cycle who and what Glenn Youngkin were – and no, he was not and is not a “moderate” in any way/shape/form – those doubts have been completely laid to rest at this point. In fact, Youngkin is a right-wing, Trumpist Republican through and through.

Evidence, other than the things he’s done in Virginia? Just look at the list of extreme candidates Youngkin’s campaigned for this cycle around the country: Tudor Dixon in Michigan (anti-abortion extremist and election conspiracy theorist, among other things), Paul LePage in Maine (said “the enemy right now…are people of color or people of Hispanic origin” and that no “sane people would want to allow transgender in our primary schools”; called a state legislator a “little son of a bitch, c*cks*cker”; etc.), Heidi Ganahl in Colorado (among other things, “refuses to denounce John Eastman, former CU professor and author of the fraudulent legal memo used to justify the Jan 6 plot, who has been subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 committee and by a grand jury investigating election fraud in Georgia”), Joe Lombardo in Nevada (he’s 100% anti-abortion, anti-“Red Flag Laws,” pro-“Don’t-Say-Gay” laws, anti-immigrant…), Derek Schmidt in Kansaselections conspiracy theorist/anti-abortion-extremist/total nutjob Kari Lake in Arizona; Tim Michels – Whose Position on Abortion Is “exact mirror of the 1849 law”; Said “I don’t think [Trump] did anything wrong” on 1/6/21; Encouraged “people to take up ‘pitchforks and torches’”; Denies Climate Science; etc. – on 10/26, etc.

And the latest addition to this illustrious list of “deplorables?” That would be Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. How bad is this guy? Check it out:

  • “In April 2022, Stitt supported, and signed into law, SB 612, which makes performing an abortion a crime punishable by 10 years in prison or a $100,000 fine, with exceptions for medical emergencies but none for rape or incest.
  • “Later in May, Stitt signed into law an even more restrictive bill, House Bill 4327, “banning abortions from the stage of ‘fertilization’ and allowing private citizens to sue abortion providers who ‘knowingly’ perform or induce an abortion ‘on a pregnant woman.'” Abortion in cases of rape, incest, or high-risk pregnancies will continue to be permitted.[49] It is the most restrictive ban on elective abortion in the United States.”
  • “On May 7, 2021, Stitt signed a bill prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory or its gender equivalent in public schools.[78][79] The Oklahoman wrote that it was unclear whether critical race theory was taught at any Oklahoma public schools.[78] Opponents of the bill said it was intended to discourage nuanced discussions about race and whitewash the United States’ history on race.”
  • “In November, Stitt issued an executive order that prohibited transgender individuals from changing the gender on their birth certificates. In 2022, Stitt signed a bill into law that prohibited nonbinary gender markers on birth certificates. Stitt said that “people are created by God to be male or female. There is no such thing as nonbinary sex.”
  • “The first law Stitt signed after taking office permitted anyone 21 or older, or 18 if a member or veteran of the United States Armed Forces, to carry a firearm without obtaining a permit or completing training.[84] Stitt also signed HB2010, which expands the places a firearm may be carried to include municipal zoos and parks, regardless of size, as long as it is concealed.[85]
  • “In April 2020, Stitt ordered a massive purchase of hydroxychloroquine, a drug of unproven efficacy as a treatment against the coronavirus but which had been heavily promoted by Donald Trump and his allies.[107] By January 2021, Oklahoma had a $2 million stockpile of hydroxychloroquine which it sought to offload.[107]
  • Stitt sent U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a letter requesting that COVID-19 vaccine requirements for the Oklahoma National Guard be suspended.[109] Stitt subsequently fired the commander of the Oklahoma National Guard because the commander had advocated for his troops to be vaccinated.[110][109] Stitt’s new appointee refused to implement the COVID-19 vaccine requirements.[111][110]
  • According to Donald Trump, Stitt ” is a champion for our America First agenda, a fearless defender of the Second Amendment…Stitt has my complete and total endorsement!

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