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Video: Former Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Urges HD97 Voters to Elect Former Air Force Master Sergeant Michael Feggans to the VA House of Delegates as a Champion for Veterans


HD97 (VA Beach; “purple” district which Glenn Youngkin narrowly won in 2021, but which Elaine Luria won by 5+ points in 2022) is a must-win seat for Virginia House of Delegates Democrats. To learn more about Democratic nominee Michael Feggans, check out this video, this interview, etc. And, of course, check out the new ad this morning, featuring former Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02), in support of Michael Feggans. As Luria says:

“We need leaders who will do what it takes to ensure our veterans are never left behind. I’m Elaine Luria, and for Virginia Beach’s veterans, that’s Michael Feggans. After retiring from the Air Force as a Master Sergeant, his service continued – starting a small business, connecting veterans to careers in renewable energy and tech. In Richmond, Michael Feggans will cut taxes for veterans and make sure receive the benefits they’ve earned. Virginia Beach can count on Michael Feggans.”

Great stuff; go Feggans!


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