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Bernie Sanders Up 22 Points in NH; 10 in Iowa

Bernie Sanders has taken a commanding 22 point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire according to newly released polls.  The same poll also shows Sanders lead swelling to 10 point in the state of Iowa.    

The new poll finds Sen. Sanders with 52% support among Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, while former Secretary of State Clinton, long considered the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic nomination, receives 30%. Recent polls have shown Sanders' lead growing in the Granite State, but this would be the first to show the Vermont Senator over 50%.

Possibly more worrying for the Clinton campaign is her performance in Iowa, where Sanders now leads by 10 points, with 43% to Clinton's 33%.

Until recently Clinton had retained an edge in Iowa, the other first-in-the-nation voting state along with New Hampshire. A recent CNN/ORC poll found the pair tied among likely Iowa caucus voters.

Clinton's campaign continues to struggle with messaging and managing her command that is surprisingly reminiscent of Clinton's 2007-2008 campaign.

All of this is problematic for Clinton as newly released polls in the last few days show Clinton losing to Donald Trump in a head to head poll.


Bernie Sanders is hosting a rally on Monday, September 14, 2015 at the Prince William County Fairgrounds, located at 10624 Dumfries Road
Manassas, VA 20112.  Doors Open at 6:00 p.m., and the event begins at 8:00 p.m.

General Public Parking: Fair Grounds Parking Gate B on American Legion Drive off Dumfries Road, or Gate D on Godwin Drive. Parking is available starting at 5:00pm.

Accessible/ASL Parking: Fair Grounds Parking Gate A off Dumfries Road. Please make sure to have your accessible parking placard visible.

Hope you can make it to the rally and #FeelTheBern!

Use this link to RSVP:

If you would like to participate in a carravan/ride sharing program from Warrenton to the rally, you can use this link to RSVP:


Like Bernie's Virginia Facebook page:

If you would like to attend a debate watch party in Arlington, Alexandria, or Woodbridge, you can use this link to find the party closest to you:


If you would like to set up your own debate party for October 13, 2015, you can use this link:


Bernie's Sanders campaign is funded by people just like you and me and they don't accept PAC money so if you would like to contribute, please use this link:

Bernie Sanders 2016: VA House Parties, July 29, 2015


Bernie sanders packed over 11,000 supporters last night for his town hall meeting last night in Phoenix, Arizona!  Sanders continues to exceed expectations, tapping into a vein of economic populism not seen in decades.  But a lot of work remains to be done!  

Bernie Sanders 2016 is organizing house parties on July 29, 2015 across the country.  To date, 1,800 house parties have been set up from coast to coast.  

In Virginia, there are 53 house parties and counting across the state arranged by volunteers on the ground in the following communities:

Falls Church
Front Royal

If you would like to attend a house party or arrange your own house party, use the link below to connect to the Sanders campaign website:

Here are links to various Facebook pages across the state set up by volunteers across the state of Virginia:


GO BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie Sanders is On Fire – #FeelTheBern

Bernie Sanders is attracting huge crowds across the state of Iowa this weekend, with 2,500 showing up at his town hall meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday.


Sanders recently has 10,000 supporters appear at a town hall in Wisconsin this past week, 5,000 in Denver this week before, as well as 5,000 in Minneapolis.

And of course, the pundit class left him for dead out of the gate but wow, have they changed their tune.  Watch the new Sanders video:

Meet the social media gurus running Bernie's social media campaign:


Read about the grass roots movement here:

Bosom Buddies: Alex McMurtrie and Bob McDonnell; Dan Gecker and Ronald Reagan

The Democratic primary for state senate district 10 is taking an interesting turn, with both Dan Gecker and Alex McMurtrie facing a barrage of attacks over their shady dealings and a third candidate, Emily Francis, is pounding home their ties/financial support to Republicans in a series of mailers claiming her title as the true progressive/Democrat in the race.  

We all know about Gecker's shady past with Kathleen Willey and their part in trying to impeach President Bill Clinton.  But Gecker's statements that Ronald Reagan is his political hero, etc., and some other alleged shady ethics issues that are starting to percolate, may be causing his big problems with Democratic primary voters.  And we won't even talk about the optics of Dan Gecker winning this seat while Hillary Clinton is running for president - terrible optics needless to say, but again we won't talk about that. But imagine the field day the press and the GOP would have with it, especially if Gecker chose not to support Hillary Clinton for president, based on his inclination is the past not to support certain Dems.      

“No Pain, No Gain” Campaign

On March 9, 2015 I made the following comment regarding the governor and the proposed pipelines that Dominion wants to build across the state:

McAuliffe Screwed The Environmental Community
after they backed him with tons o' money in 2013.  But until the environmental community takes on McAuliffe by running ads statewide and applying heat to the governor, these pipeline are going to sail through and become a reality.  McAuliffe needs to feel some heat from voters in the urban crescent - and the ads woul help apply that heat.

Some criticized me stating that there wasn't money to run statewide ads against the pipeline, but it turns out there is money to to run an ad.

Lowell posted an article this morning from  that states that opponents of the pipeline have  started running ads in western and central Virginia to garner support against the pipeline.  The ad campaign is titles the "All Pain, No Gain Campaign."

Here is a link to the groups website.  They have great resources on their site - sign up and throw them some $$$ if you want the ads to keep running - see below:

Here are some links to Facebook for groups who are working against the pipeline if you would like to Like them:

Help spread the word!

Kathleen Willey, Dan Gecker and Lou Salomonsky

Well, the interwoven lives of Kathleen Willey, Dan Gecker, and Lou Salomonsky, which many have forgotten, is complex and fascinating and will certainly be the talk of the town if Dan Gecker becomes the Democratic nominee for state senate to run for the open seat being vacated by John Watkins. ran a great article documenting the relationship between the three. Check some of it out below but for full effect, read the entire article. It will be interesting to see if Salomonsky is a key financial backer of Gecker.  

On October 15, Ed Willey went to Kathy with a confession: He had illicitly "borrowed" $200,000 from the escrow account of two clients, a brother and sister named Anthony Lanasa and Josie Abbott. Caught with both hands in the cookie jar, Ed had promised to repay the money in a matter of weeks if they would avoid reporting him to the state bar committee - but he needed Kathy's signature on the contract. Reluctantly, she signed.

On Nov. 29, 1993 - the same day Willey later said she was groped by President Clinton when she went to seek his advice - Ed Willey shot himself.

Suddenly, all of the Willeys' long-simmering financial crises boiled over. Kathy's name was on that contract with her husband's embezzlement victims. Legally, the aggrieved brother and sister were poised to take Kathy's house, to attach that life insurance policy and, perhaps, to secure far more of her assets as damages in a lawsuit. Kathy, who had arranged to sell her home and already had her eye on another in one of Richmond's up-market suburbs, was instead in danger of losing every dime.

Rescue came from Ed Willey's old friend Lou Salomonsky. Salomonsky and another politically connected Richmond attorney, Daniel Gecker, moved with astonishing speed to protect the Willey family's remaining assets from both the Lanasa-Abbott lawsuit and the IRS. Salomonsky declines to comment on the Willey bankruptcy, saying only that "I was a protector of the children, after their father's death, and of her."

That is the background of what was going on with Willey, but keep reading to see all the shenanigans that went on as a result of steps taken by Salomonsky and Gecker to protect Willey.

Will Dan Gecker Support Hillary Clinton For President?

That is the question of the hour.  

Gecker, a political independent elected to a seat on the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, has announced he will leave his independent political status behind and seek the Democratic nomination for a state senate seat now held by Senator John Watkins in a seat composed of parts of the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County and Powhatan County.  

Now we all know that Gecker represented Kathleen Willey when she accused former President Bill Clinton of harassment.  And we all know what a nut bag Willey has turned into, calling Hillary Clinton "the war on women."  And if you haven't seen how crazy Willey is, check her out taking aim at Hillary Clinton:

Now it's clear that Gecker has, in my opinion, a tawdry and slippery past with Willey, trying to peddle her story to the trashy tabloids and sell it for $300,000.00 to pay her debts (and that has some juicy tidbits that will be played out in a future diary).

But if Gecker wins the nomination for this senate seat, and ultimately gets elected, will he support Hillary Clinton for President?  Democrats need to ask Gecker that question.

I know Gecker and Willey are close friends and Willey will be speaking out against Hillary Clinton every chance she gets.  But will Gecker's friendship with Willey keep him from supporting Hillary Clinton is she is the nominee?  Or will he announce his support for the GOP nominee for president in 2016?  Again, Dems need to hold Gecker accountable and get him on the record that he will support the Democratic nominee for president in 2016.  Do we all want to wake up in September of 2016 and read the headline:  Gecker Announces Support for Jeb Bush for President," if he is elected?

I don't get Gecker's support for this seat from the governor - the optics of Gecker running as the Democratic nominee for this senate seat starting in June after the primary, assuming he wins the nomination, while at the same time, Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic presidential, are just awful.  But perhaps our beloved state party chair, Dwight Jones, will finally appear on the scene, after being asleep at the wheel longer than that groundhog that woke up earlier this month,and rescue us all.    

But from a pragmatic standpoint, Gecker is a horrible candidate for Democrats.  Yes, Warner and Herring both won this senate seat, but both wins were in a statewide race with higher turnout.  So you really have to view this seat as a lean Republican seat - Dems turnout in lower numbers, in legislative races, especially when you are running a conservative as the nominee.

And speaking of conservative, where does Gecker stand on abortion and birth control?  How about the vaginal probe legislation that was passed several years ago?  How about voting rights - does he support the archaic voter ID laws passed by GOP legislatures who are openly hostile to minority voters casting ballots?  Does he support Dominion's plans to build those pipelines across the state carrying natural gas, along with the fracking that pulls that natural gas out of the ground, polluting our groundwater?  

And even though Gecker has won this portion of Chesterfield County as an independent for his board of supervisors seat, does anyone on this planet really think that GOP voters is some of these precincts Gecker represents like Midlothian and Salisbury, are going to turn our in droves and vote for Gecker, potentially tuning over control of the state senate to Democrats?  LOL! Of course they are not.  And that will be the mailer hitting the mailboxes of GOP voters throughout Chesterfield County - a vote for Gecker is a vote to turn over the sate senate to the liberal Democrats.

Here are the results from these two precincts in Chesterfield in Herring's race for AG in 2013:

DEM Party Mark R. Herring 711 31.66%
REP Party Mark D. Obenshain 1,528 68.03%

DEM Party Mark R. Herring
487 30.90%
REP Mark D. Obenshain  
1086    68.91

And these types of precincts will have above average turnout in a state senate race when compared to other precincts throughout the district.

To win this eat, you will need above average turnout in the City of Richmond and Gecker can't do that.  His views on issues are going to mirror those of his GOP constituents in Chesterfield County and turnout will suck in the city.

But frankly, I am not even sure Gecker can win this primary.  If one of his potential primary opponents can tap into the base of white liberals throughout the city and in Chesterfield County, they could beat Gecker.  We'll see this this plays out.

Stay tuned!  


Not Widening Roads Is Idiotic

Traffic in Hampton Roads in HORRENDOUS?  Have you tried driving through there in a.m., or p.m., rush hour?  Highways should have been widened years ago.

And lets talk about the impact of hundreds of thousands of cars stuck in traffic:

Wasting gas
Emitting tons of CO2
Lost economic output

I get your point about "induced demand" but frankly, money would be better spent getting people into electric and other types of vehicles that emit fewer emissions and get better gas mileage.  There will never be the political will for "induced demand" so we need to come up with other ways to cut emissions and keep traffic moving in order to cut CO2 emissions.

Oh and by the way, how is that "induced demand" working out in NOVA?  I assume you do not own a car, correct?

Beyer Sells Out To Wall Street

The GOP has officially taken over the U. s. House of Representatives and U. S. Senate after pasting the Democrats to the political across the country in mid-terms elections this past November.  

So what was one of the first bills the GOP tried to push through the House - a bill full of post New Year's gifts for Wall Street of course.  The bill was called  the Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens Act but was nothing of the sort - it actually was composed of 11 different bills that a number of right wing Republicans that had already been introduced into the House, and rolled them into one bill aimed at gutting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  How would it do this by undermining the Volcker Rule, investor protections, and derivatives.  

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