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FCDC Chair Sue Langley: School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz (R) “has gone on a Trump style, unhinged social media rant”


Yesterday, Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz, a hard-right Republican who has been on a crusade against LGBT students (and particularly transgender kids using the bathroom), posted this rambling, bizarre, over-the-top response  to calls from Fairfax County Democratic Committee (FCDC) Chair Sue Langley for her to resign. For more on that, see Fairfax County Dem Committee Chair Calls on Bigoted, Extremist School Board Member to Resign for “just buying more ammo” “joke”.

In Schultz’s melodramatically-titled post, “Political Crime and Punishment,” she among other things: throws out completely false (and unrelated to why she’s being asked to resign) allegations of corruption and voter fraud; plays the martyr who’s supposedly being persecuted for her support of Donald Trump for President; calls for rejection of the proposed Fairfax County meals tax, the purpose of which is to fund the very public schools Schultz claims to care about; alludes to the supposed “local onset of advancing globalism” (whatever that means); rants about the supposed “educational imperative for 10-year old little boys to be presented with over a dozen images of male genitalia in various states of arousal under the guise of ‘family life education'”; quotes Fyodor Dostoyevsky on tyranny (don’t ask); falsely claims that Hillary Clinton wants to roll back Second Amendment rights (in fact, Clinton wants what 70%-80% of Americans do – universal background checks, barring guns to those on the terrorist watch list, commonsense stuff like that); claims that the “Age of Political Correctness, a pre-cursor to the mandatory Newspeak language in an Orwellian society, is a minefield cultivated to take down regular people—the citizen legislator role envisioned and modeled by the Founding Fathers—who may entertain the thought of serving their fellow citizens” (uhhhhhhhhhh….alrighty); and essentially compares herself to Margaret Thatcher (hahahahaha).

Anyhoo…as I said, it’s rambling, bizarre, over-the-top and melodramatic. It’s also largely nonsensical — try reading it and understanding what on earth Schultz is ranting about; I wish you luck! Or better yet, skip it, and instead, read the response below from FCDC Chair Sue Langley to Schultz’s latest tirade. Enjoy!

[Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth] Schultz has gone on a Trump style, unhinged social media rant.  I don’t know whether to laugh or take satisfaction in how she feels that I am trying to intimidate her for her political views.  The fact is, if she was a private citizen, I would not care about her political views, but she is not a private citizen.

Elizabeth Schultz holds an elected position in Fairfax County – a position that is supposed to be non-partisan.  The position is entrusted with our most precious children.  So when Schultz insults and belittles transgender students, I cannot keep quiet.  Even worse, when Schultz declares that “the Trump tapes don’t matter,”  as a parent and as a woman, I can’t stay silent.

When a Fairfax County Republican School Board member openly campaigns for misogynist Donald Trump for President, this Chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee is not going to remain silent.

How can someone who is paid by Fairfax County taxpayers to be advocates for children say that Donald Trump’s boasts of committing sexual assault “don’t matter?”  How can someone who is supposed to look after the interests of all our children mock children who were born transgender?  How can someone who makes the ridiculous assertion that transgender students pose a threat to other students in the restrooms support someone for President who walks into the dressing room of junior Miss Universe contestants and who brags about committing sexual assault?

Schultz’s Trump like, half-cocked response to my initial call for her resignation just demonstrates that I was right when I made that demand.  It is clear that, like the Presidential candidate she admires so much, Schultz is temperamentally unfit to be on the School Board and should not be trusted with the well being of our children.  She should resign immediately.

P.S. For more on Schultz – the LAST person who should ever be on a School Board! – see Audio: EW Jackson Talks to Anti-#LGBT Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, Far-Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Recommends Video by Rabid Bigot, Extremist,Video: Heated Debate Over Transgender Rights in Fairfax County Public Schools,Audio: “Only voice of reason on the Fairfax County School Board” Goes Nuts Over Transgender Directive, Just When You Thought Fairfax County School Board Member, Anti-LGBT Extremist Elizabeth Schultz Couldn’t Get Any Crazier,  Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Tweets Out False Popular Vote Count, etc., etc.


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