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Audio: Day Before Gun Violence Prevention Special Session, Sen. Amanda Chase Spews NRA Talking Points, Again Claims Her Gun Stopped ERA Activists from “Lay[ing] Hands” on Her


See below for more idiocy this morning from our pal Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), this time about guns – one day before the gun violence prevention Special Session – on WBUR. Check out the audio, below, along with some “highlights” (using that word loosely). Also, recall that Chase is the same person who recently claimed, “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped”; who said  “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment”; who claimed  “The ERA Amendment is nothing more than a ploy by the left to eliminate gender altogether”; who accused the Virginia Capitol Police of being Partisan Liars; etc. Finally, of course, I urge everyone to support Democratic nominee Amanda Pohl, and to elect her this November as a replacement for Chase!

  • Chase claims that “gun violence is a bipartisan issue that both sides of the aisle strongly oppose.” Huh?
  • Chase basically mocks the concept of reacting to shootings by demanding an “immediate response” to “quote unquote fix” the problem of mass shootings.
  • Chase throws out the false red herring, that “the reaction of some is to eliminate all guns” (I don’t know anyone who says that), and basically spews out NRA talking points about “bad guys”; that “it doesn’t matter how many laws you put on the books…it’s already against the law to murder, and yet murder still happens every single day”; “[gun] laws only disarm law-abiding citizens”; yada yada.
  • Chase yet again claims, falsely from everything I’ve heard, that her gun deterred pro-ERA activists from “trying to lay hands on me.”
  • Chase claims that none of the proposals by Gov. Northam would have prevented the Virginia Beach shootings, and as evidence…goes back to her NRA talking points.
  • Chase, who is of course a member of the party of wild fiscal irresponsibility and massive deficits/debt (mostly to give money to wealthy people and big corporations who don’t need it), complains about spending “$40,000 a day” to hold the Special Session.
  • Chase complains that when she has to meet with the Governor, she is faced with the conundrum of what to do with her gun. According to Chase, that inconvenience “is a practical, real-life dilemma that I…feel more vulnerable when I have to figure out a place to put my gun.” Tragic, huh?


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