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State Sen. Amanda Chase (R-VA11) Announces for Governor of Virginia…in 2025 (huh?)


Our old pal, Sen. Amanda Chase (R-SD11), seems to be at it again. Here’s the Chesterfield Observer with a scoop. Also, h/t to the always-on-top-of-things Brandon Jarvis, who pointed this out to me.

As committee members file past her, Chase insists she is hated by her own party’s leaders in the General Assembly for her commitment to transparency, opposition to backroom deals and willingness to hold people accountable on both sides of the political aisle.

“They’re furious with me and they’re terrified I’m gonna go higher – that’s why [critics] are coming out of the woodwork this year like they never have,” she says.

Higher than the Virginia Senate?

“I’m planning to run for governor in 2025,” she adds. “I am. I’m doing it.”


If Chase does decide to run for governor, it’s an open question whether she’ll do so as a member of the GOP. She’s currently serving as an adviser to a startup company, America’s Ticket, that her campaign manager, Philip Search, co-founded with friend Timothy Baker. The web-based platform aims to “transform politics” by giving ordinary citizens the tools they need to run for elected office.

So…yeah, Amanda Chase says she’s running for governor of Virginia. Except not in 2021, which is the next gubernatorial election year, but in 2025, which is six years from now. Alrighty. Also, Chase first has to get reelected to the State Senate, which is certainly not a sure thing against her Democratic opponent, Amanda Pohl. But even if she’s reelected on 11/5, it’s just kind of strange to announce for an election so far out. Who knows what will have happened in the state and the country by then, what the political climate would be, who the leading political players in Virginia will be, etc? Finally, of course, Chase is…well, a character, let’s just say. Of course, in today’s wacked-out Trump Republican Party, maybe that’s a positive, but by 2025, hopefully Trump and Trumpism will be nothing more than a nightmare we all once had.

With that, here’s a reminder – just a short sampling o’ craziness – of who Amanda Chase is, what she’s all about, and why nobody in their right mind should ever want her to be governor of Virginia. Or dog catcher of Virginia, for that matter.


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