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Video: Speaking at Synagogue, Far-Right Fairfax School Board Candidate Recommends white-supremacist/anti-semitic “Daily Caller,” Bashes “One Fairfax,” Says “I Don’t Want to Eat American Food”


The other day, in its endorsement editorial about the Fairfax County School Board elections, the Washington Post blasted Fairfax Republicans’ “poisonous tone” and having “taken a page from President Trump’s playbook of trafficking in fear, misinformation and demonization.” For just a few examples of that “poisonous tone,” see:

Now, for the latest Fairfax GOP craziness – check out the following video, courtesy of Fairfax County Democratic-Party endorsed Providence District School Board candidate Karl Frisch. It is painful to watch Republican-endorsed Andrea Bayer’s rambling rant at Congregation Olam Tikvah yesterday morning about how everyone should check out the far-right “Daily Caller” (see the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “The Daily Caller Has a White Nationalist Problem“; Adam Siegel’s note – to be clear, it has been home to/promoter of anti-Semitism/anti-Semitic content); about how “sitting next to a kid who’s a different race is not going to close the minority student achievement gap”; about how people need to be “waking up” regarding “who’s calling the shots” and where “the money” is coming regarding the (supposedly “manufactured”) “One Fairfax” policy; about how “One Fairfax” is aimed at “fix[ing] problems that nobody ever complained about”; and about how clearly there are no problems regarding diversity in Fairfax because:

“We all love [Fairfax County’s] diversity. If we didn’t, we’d move. We celebrate our diversity. Look at the restaurants! When I go out to eat, I don’t want to eat American food. Where’s this coming from?”

So…yeah, there are no problems in Fairfax because there are so many great ethnic restaurants and, anyway, if people didn’t like it there they’d just move! No problem! I mean, seriously, can someone be any more oblivious, out-of-touch, clueless, etc? Fortunately, the good news is that on 11/5, Fairfax County voters have far, far better options for School Board, such as Karl Frisch in Providence District and the Democrat-endorsed candidate in every other district, plus of course the Democratic-endorsed “At-Large” candidates (Karen Keys-Gamarra, Rachna Sizemore Heizer, Abrar Omeish).


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