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“Dear Liberty University board: Please stop Jerry Falwell Jr. before it’s too late”

In midst of COVID-19 crisis and urgency of social distancing, Falwell orders faculty to come back to work, invites students to return


With regard to Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s crazy, irresponsible decision to “[invite] students to return to residence halls and [direct] faculty members to continue to report to campus even as most classes move online,” Liberty University Professor Marybeth Davis Baggett nails it:

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is about to make a terrible mistake.

It’s time for the Liberty University board to stop him and shut the campus down before it’s too late.

Although Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s ban on gatherings of more than 100 people forced Falwell to cancel residential classes at Liberty University, the campus remains open, with students set to return to dorms early next week either to live out the semester or to clean out their rooms.

“As you may know,” a notice on the Liberty website states, “the University has decided to move most classes to a digital format and to allow students the choice to return to campus after Spring Break or stay home and complete their classes remotely.”

This decision runs contrary to the three other residential schools in our area that have closed their dorms, allowing only those with nowhere else to go to remain.”

Of course, the fact that Falwell is acting irresponsibly/socipathically during the COVID-19 crisis is not surprising, given his previous behavior. For instance, see Video: Liberty U President Jerry Falwell Goes on “Fox & Friends” (Natch), Claims Coronavirus “Their Next Attempt to Get Trump”</a (Suggests China, N. Korea might have gotten together to attack us with Coronavirus.); Liberty University: Virginia’s Coronavirus Petri Dish?; Video: Standing with WV Gov. Jim Justice, Liberty U. President Jerry Falwell Calls for “VEXIT” – Virginia Counties Joining West Virginia; and also Tom Perriello: “Presence of Evil” Clearer with Jerry Falwell, Jr. than Even with “Warlords and War Criminals on Multiple Continents.” In this case, the Commonwealth of Virginia needs to step in and force Falwell to back down. Better yet, Liberty University’s board should oust this nutjob ASAP.


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