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BREAKING: After Performing Same-Sex Marriage, Trump-Endorsed Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) Defeated (!!!) by Far-Right-Wing Challenger Bob Good

VA05 just got a notch more competitive for November; go Dems!


Yep, after hours of not counting ballots (and then finally counting ballots), controversy over “voting irregulatiries and ballot stuffing,” threats of legal action, etc., Saturday’s drive-through VA05 GOP convention at the “Tree of Life Ministries” church in Lynchburg *finally* ended sometime after 1 am this morning, and Trump-endorsed Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05) has been defeated (WOW!!!) by far-right-wing challenger Bob Good (who says he got 58% of the vote). Here are the results and some analysis:

For more background on this fiasco, see Video: Virginia GOP’s State Central Committee *Rejects* Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA05)’s Appeal Regarding June 13th Convention, After 5th CD GOP Decides on Convention at Bob Good’s Home Church (!), Rep. Denver Riggleman Rips “Corruption,” “Pay-to-Play,” in His Own Party, Roll Call: Denver Riggleman Designated 4th Most Vulnerable Incumbent, Family Feud: Denver Riggleman vs. Rappahannock GOP, and The Wedding That Started a Republican Civil War. Oh, and make sure you Meet the Democratic Candidates – RD Huffstetler, John Lesinski, Claire Russo, Cameron Webb – Vying to Win Back VA05.

So, so sad…for VA05 Republicans, that is, especially given how bitter this contest was. Let’s hope the intra-GOP scars last, at least through November. On this note, check out the following analysis by Kyle Kondik of Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the UVA Center for Politics.

P.S. So much for this, eh?


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