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Video: Del. Cia Price, Del. Patrick Hope Slam Far-Right/Extremist Del. Dave LaRock’s “Dangerous,” “False Information” COVID Vaccine Bill, Which Is Then Voted Down 18-3

Del. Patrick Hope: "I just want to make that crystal clear, that this COVID vaccine is safe and effective"


Far-right extremist, seditionist, etc. Del. Dave LaRock (R) is in competition for least effective member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Case in point? His bill, HB2242, which would prohibit “the State Health Commissioner and the Board of Health, the Board of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, the Department of Health Professions and any regulatory board therein, and the Department of Social Services from requiring any person to undergo vaccination for COVID-19 and prohibits discrimination based on a person’s vaccination status with respect to any COVID-19 vaccine.”

Check out the video, below, from this past Thursday in the House of Delegates  Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee, as the bill is slammed (by Del. Cia Price) as “dangerous” and is voted down by an overwhelming 18-3 margin (the three voting “no” were right-wing Republicans Edmunds, Walker, Avoli). For more background on LaRock, see: DLCC Launches Database and Digital Campaign Highlighting GOP State Legislator InsurrectionistsVirginia Republicans Are Doubling Down On Election Conspiracies And Defending InsurrectionistsFollowing 1/6/21 Insurrection at U.S. Capitol, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Demands Resignation of Faaaaar-Right Del. Dave LaRock (R)Loudoun Delegate Dave LaRock (R) in Trouble With The Law…AgainFar-Right Virginia Delegate Shares Post Railing Against a Supposed “engineered tyrannical coup d’état” Against Trump; etc.  Also, check out Democrat Paul Siker, who is running against the seditionist/extremist LaRock.

And with that, let’s quote Del. Cia Price:

“This is such an important time that false information is just simply dangerous. There is legitimate vaccine hesitancy in communities that the gentleman listed, but actual and factual information is key, not fanning the flames that are based on historic events. In essence, to not talk about the research that has been going on for decades for viruses that are very similar to COVID-19, to not talk about the parts of the process that were cut short for bureaucratic red tape, not the actual experimental criminal trials on humans, to not talk about that and to give it proper context is just simply dangerous…I do not associate myself with any of the comments that were made [by Del. LaRock].”

Also, from Del. Patrick Hope:

“These are safe and effective vaccines that have been approved under the FDA’s emergency use authorization. So I just want to make that crystal clear, that this COVID vaccine is safe and effective.”


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