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VA GOP Chair Launches Dog-Whistle-Style Attacks Against Prince William County Board Member Kenny Boddye, Vows To “send him packing to Los Angeles”

Among other things, Anderson says Boddye "owns no real estate" (OMG!), "only been married a short while" and "has not raised kids" (WTF, are we back in 1950?)


Not content with turning the VA GOP into more of a laughingstock, dumpster fire, etc. than it already was when he became Chair back in August, former Del. Rich Anderson (R) is now spending some of his time launching a wild attack against Prince William County Board member Kenny Boddye (D-Occoquan). See below for Anderson’s email, in which he attacks launches 100% false, borderline unhinged attacks on Boddye, such as the following. As you read this, think about what would make Anderson so angry, such as the fact that Boddye defeated Anderson’s wife, then-Supervisor Ruth Anderson (R), in November 2019 by a narrow, 50.8%-49.0% margin. Also note that Boddye is a progressive Democrat, basically the antithesis of the increasingly Trumpian, hard-right former Del. Anderson. And, as you read the dog-whistle-style attacks (bolding added for emphasis of the nastiest/craziest parts) by Anderson, keep in mind that Boddye is a 34-year-old Black man, while Anderson is a 65-year-old white guy. Hmmmm…

  • Boddye supposedly “broke his promises because he’s a congenital liar”
  • He’s a transplant to Virginia from Los Angeles (LA is one of only three US cities with a statue of Vladimir Lenin on public display).”
  • “He knows little of Virginia; he owns no real estate to the best of our knowledge but is raring to raise your real estate taxes; he’s only been married a short while but is a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on family issues confronting our community; and he has not raised kids but claims to be an ‘expert’ on childhood and public education issues in PWC Schools.”
  • He’s never served our country and his only ‘service’ was as a partisan hack who worked to pass a dysfunctional, over-priced, and destructive Obamacare system masquerading as healthcare.
  • “And if you read any of his writings before he became a ‘Supervisor,’ you’ll see that he is a bitter and extreme partisan who speaks in dog whistles and peddles hate speech against his fellow citizens who choose in a free nation to be Republicans.”
  • “The next time the BOCS is up for reelection, I’m going to move an army of Republican workers to PWC and bathe the Occoquan District with people ready to save our community and our district. He had better be ready to raise $1M next cycle. It’s time to send him packing to Los Angeles.”

Clearly, the stress of trying to lead the VA GOP these days must be getting to Anderson. For more on why that might be the case, see The Virginia GOP Is Trapped In a Trumpian Maze Of Its Own Creation; AP Reports: “In Virginia, Republican Chaos Reaches a Breaking Point”; Audio: VA GOP Chair Says Party “Careening” Towards No Primary, No Convention and…Just 72 People on State Central Selecting Its 2021 Statewide Nominees!; Video: VA GOP Chair Says “[party] staff deserves to have a world-class facility, not the *literal ghetto* they now live and work and serve in.”; Video: As VA GOP Argues Endlessly Over Its Method of Nomination, State Central Committee Member Complains About “the VICIOUS incivility and attacks that have been coming from one side”; etc. Maybe Anderson might want to retire, maybe head out to…I dunno, Los Angeles or something? I hear the weather’s lovely out there, but of course Anderson would have to deal with Republicans being a small minority, just like where he lives now, Prince William County. Haha.


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