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2013 “Extreme Team” VA GOP Ticket Member EW Jackson – Who’s Ranted About “Homocracy,” “Demon Possession,” Yoga & Satan, Muslims, “Pure Evil” Planned Parenthood; etc. – Might Be Running for PRESIDENT? LOL

Jackson would be a perfect fit for the 2024 GOP fascist freak show


Clearly, the 2024 Republican presidential field has no dearth of extremists, bigots, insurrectionists, fascists, grifters, and nutjobs  of all kinds. In addition to being horrible on the merits, most of these folks – other than Donald Trump and maybe Ron DeSantis – also have essentially no shot at winning the Republican nomination, let alone at being elected president. Speaking of which, we now have a “blast from the past” – 2013 Virginia “Extreme Team” member (LG nominee) EW Jackson – who appears to be gearing up to join the massive field of Republican 2024 presidential wannabes. For a refresher on what we’re dealing with when we’re talking about EW Jackson, see below for some links to his antics, bigotry, extremism and lunacy over the years.

Is this guy a perfect fit for the unhinged 2024 Republican presidential field or what?!?


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