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Brilliant New Ad for Scott Rigell!


Oh wait, this is actually parody? Well, it's still brilliant, just in a different way than the headline seemed to indicate. Enjoy! :)

A Rough Week For The Prejudiced

A lot of people just don't get prejudice. They don't know when to let its rationalization lay. But that should not be surprising when they also don't know how to support their arguments; reducing them to mere beliefs. Beliefs require faith and we lost faith in conservatives long ago.

You see, the value of conservatism, and yes, I acknowledge there's value, is that it should help keep us from throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Unfortunately, too many "conservatives" see the water as sublime soup and the baby as a too demanding obligation.

One of the problems with prejudices is that you can dress them up, but you can't take them out. Unfortunately for the Republicans in Virginia Beach, someone or two walked their dog of a prejudice and that has revealed the ugly face of racial animosity subtly harbored within the local leadership. There are no two ways around it and a simple admonition complaining "stop sending those E-mails" ignores the root problem. Despite all the obfuscation and attempts to blame the E-mail on an accident and denials of receipt, the way it works is that you send E-mails to what you have determined to be a like-minded community. And when members of that community fail to distinguish themselves by taking exception, their silence speaks volumes. Not one person who received either E-mail has produced any E-mail that divorces them from like-mindedness.

"As a matter of fact, the point that they made was that Karen Beauchamp hasn't been in a leadership role in the party since 2001. Well I got news for you, Karen Beauchamp was one of the hardest workers we had in the Republican Party, and she was the one who organized the headquarters every single day. And both she and Dave Bartholomew were responsible for Bob McDonnell's success in 2009. It certainly wasn't Kenny Golden; I'll tell you that." - Kenny Golden to Tony Macrini on WNIS

Rigell: Bartholomew Was a Victim of Some Sort of Deep, Dark...


Here's 2nd CD Republican nominee, Scott Rigell, who the other day condemned (now former) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair David Bartholomew for forwarding a racist email. Now, in response to a woman's question about why he let this happen to a "wonderful leader" like Bartholomew, and why this came up now, here's the bizarre, conspiratorial part of Rigell's response (after once again, correctly, stating that with leadership comes responsibility and accountability):
Now, why it came out the way it came out and when it came out? You understand that. And you know what, the full fabric of our community understands that as well, because I've been in touch with our friends in all parts of our community...they're not fooled by this.
You know, Mr. Rigell, one rule I've always heard in politics is that when you're in a hole, the first thing you want to do is stop digging. In the final 10 days of your campaign against Glenn Nye and Kenny Golden, you just might want to heed that advice. Or not. I don't really care, as I'm not a fan of Glenn Nye's and I really, really am not fan of yours!

Top Rigell Endorser Recommends Racist “Barack the Angry Negro” Video


Another day brings yet another one of Scott Rigell's top endorsers - this time, former (2001) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair, Karen Beauchamp - caught sending a racist email, this time with hate video to boot. Warning: the content in the video is some of the most vile, offensive language I've listened to in a really long time, it's very difficult to even sit through it. Ugh. Anyway, to say that racism is not a wide-spread problem among Virginia Beach Republicans is clearly untrue.

Yesterday, Scott Rigell did the right thing and denounced (now former) Virginia Beach Republican Committee chair David Bartholomew. Today, it looks like Rigell needs to denounce yet another VBRC chair, also a top endorser of his campaign.  Right now, Rigell's got her name prominently displayed on his website (see image after the "fold"). After you watch the video or read the quotes from the video, I think you'll all agree that needs to change immediately.

In her email, Ms. Beauchamp enthusiastically references a video, by this guy, which is both too repulsive to watch, and apparently too repulsive for YouTube to allow on their site. If you really want to see it, it's available at the "Conservative Sportsmen" site. If you can't stomach watching it, which I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, I'll include a selection of a few of the most offensive quotes from the video after the "fold." Blech.

UPDATE: Scott Rigell's campaign has condemned this email as well. Good for him. Ms. Beauchamp's name also appears to have been removed from Rigell's list of endorsers.

Let me be clear, racism has no place in our society and runs completely counter to Scott Rigell's values. The Rigell campaign does not condone this type of behavior from anyone associated with our campaign. It should be noted that Karen Beauchamp is not in a position of leadership or an advisor to the Rigell campaign, and she has not been in a position of leadership within the Republican Party for close to 10 years.
By the way, that Washington Post story is almost completely wrong; the video they mention is a completely different video from a completely different story. Whatever, details details! (snark)

Felix’s Racial Vulnerability

There's a connection between the Virginia Beach Republican Party (VBRP) Chair (former) and George Allen. It is Kenny Golden. The three of them present as models of objectivity. And all three of them are at best ignorant and at worst, well, racially intolerant. Maybe both. Golden failed twice. Will Allen?

You see, Kenny received that now famous E-mail back in the day; you know, a few months ago when Dave Bartholomew was learning about this new internet thing and accidently forwarded a racially charged joke to the six people he deliberately added to the "To..." list.

The e-mail was dated March 15 and sent from the address that Bartholomew uses as party chairman. Bartholomew forwarded it without reading the contents when "he was first getting familiar with the Internet," -- Gary Byler, the 2nd Congressional District GOP chairman as quoted in the Virginian Pilot
So, did Golden respond to the E-mail he received from his successor as the Virginia Beach Republican Party Chair with a cautionary note? Or did he forward the E-mail to his college chum, George Felix Allen who also found it unobjectionable? That's the problem once you've unveiled your intolerance. There's always that nagging doubt.

Daily Press: A Vote for Rigell is a Vote for Bush!

I read a lot of political endorsements, but today's Daily Press endorsement of Scott Rigell could be my favorite ever:
  • Giving Glenn Nye credit for working tirelessly to kiss the Daily Press' butt, then endorsing against him anyway
  • Telling voters they should support Rigell even though he's not ready to represent their interests just to stick it to President Obama
  • Calling for a return to the Bush-Cheney economic policies that led to the Great Recession
Check it out:

Rigell: No Help for Seniors, Keep ‘Em Working!


Scott Rigell strikes again, this time with his answer to a debate question on Social Security. First, note that Rigell is unprepared for the question and apparently confused about it, asking for "clarification" even though it's very simple. Second, Rigell says he would vote "no" on an increase in Social Security benefits for Seniors this year. I'm sure that the many retirees of Virginia Beach and the rest of the 2nd CD will be thrilled to hear that. ;)  Finally, Rigell says he favors "an incentive for our employers to continue to keep our Seniors working."  I'm sure it will overjoy 2nd CD retirees - or people getting close to retirement - that in Scott Rigell's world, they can forget about their "golden years."  On second thought...

Glenn Nye Schools Clueless Scott Rigell on DADT


"Scott Rigell accused Rep Glenn Nye of voting to end DADT despite the advice of Military leadership. Rep Nye then explained to Rigell that the vote did not end DADT, but rather gave the Sec. of Defense the permission to do so. Nye also explained that he voted to examine the option of ending the policy based on the recommendation of Military leaders. (Debate 10/15/10)"

The question for 2nd CD voters is this: do you want an uninformed, extreme, slippery, used-car salesman representing you in Congress the next two years?  No, didn't think so.

Can Everyone See Scott Rigell’s Hypocrisy Except Scott Rigell?


Scott Rigell's hypocrisy on "Cash for Clunkers" is so obvious, it barely even needs to be stated. So then, why can't Rigell just admit that he's a hypocrite - benefiting from a program, than criticizing Glenn Nye for voting for it! - and move on with his campaign? Right now, he's just embarrassing himself.

Hypocrite Scott Rigell Just Couldn’t “Say No” to “Cash for Clunkers”


Typical Republican, rail against federal "stimulus" money, then take that same money when it benefits you, then try to claim you were forced to take it, blah blah blah. The question is, why does anyone take hypocrites and phonies like Scott Rigell seriously?