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Video: Far-Right State Sen. Amanda Chase Says She “Can’t Take It Anymore,” Announces for Governor of Virginia in 2021

Chase said she has "brass balls" and is "not backing down"


Far-right Sen. Amanda Chase, after ranting about “the liberal socialistic agenda,” “illegals,” “criminals,” a “nanny state,” etc., announced her candidacy for governor of Virginia in 2021. According to Chase, she had originally thought about running in 2025, but has decided it will be too late by then, that Virginia will be toast, basically, if it isn’t saved by her. Chase said she will seek the Republican nomination, but if there are any “shenanigans,” she’ll “run as an independent.” Chase also announced her top priority – to “return the 2nd amendment to Virginians.” Chase said she will NOT going to “moderate to the middle,” but is “doubling down” on being a “real Republican.”

Fun times, huh? Let’s just hope, by the way, that there really *are* Republican “shenanigans” and that Chase runs as an Independent, as that would 100% guarantee a Democratic win in 2021. In other words, Run Amanda Run! 🙂

P.S. In the q&a, Chase said she has “brass balls” and is “not backing down.” “I don’t care about controversy…bring it!” “I don’t back down from nobody.”

P.P.S. Here’s some more info on Chase.


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