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VA Sen. Amanda Chase Falsely Claims Virginia Dem Party “racist to its core,” “they want the Richmond registrar to resign because she’s white”


I tweeted this out early today, but in case you missed it…this is the leading candidate right now for the 2021 Virginia GOP gubernatorial nomination. That’s right, good ol’ Amanda Chase, who former/two-term Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) just said has ” “zero, zilch, nada, none, not gonna happen” chances of being elected governor. It’s also the same ol’ Amanda Chase who recently claimed – falsely, of course – that Indigenous People’s Day is “a fraud pushed by pseudo-communists intent on destroying our country!” In general, Chase is a COVID-denyingCOVID-superspreadingERA-demonizing, “white history”-defending nutjob, and yet…she’s VERY popular among a lot of Virginia Republicans, which really tells you where that party’s collective head is at right now.

P.S. For some background on the Richmond Registrar story, see Democratic Party of Virginia Calls On Richmond Registrar To Either Resign Or Be “Removed For Cause” By the Electoral Board and Virginia Dems File Lawsuit Against Richmond General Registrar Demanding She Immediately Provide Important Information re: “absentee ballots deemed to contain material errors or omissions”

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