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Video: At “Abolish Abortion” Rally in Richmond, Rep. Bob Good and Other Extremists Declare “There Can Be NO COMPROMISE,” There Can Be “No Middle Ground,” etc.

Good claimed that more lives are lost to abortion than "what's been attributed to the 'China virus' over two years every year for 49 years"


On Saturday, there was a rally in Richmond by anti-reproductive-choice, anti-abortion hardliners. As extremist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) wrote about what he called the “Abolish Abortion Rally”:  “Thank you to everyone who endured the rain to join us in Richmond in our mission to make abortion unthinkable. Virginia is for Life!” In addition to Rep. Good, participants in this rally included far-right figures such as:

  • Del. Marie March (for more on her, see Virginia HD07 Republicans Nominate Hard-Right Republican Who Was at 1/6/21 Pro-Trump Rally in DC), wearing sunglasses in the rain for whatever reason, declared that “life begins at conception” and railed against “precious souls not being given a chance to be born.” She said she’d introduce “the most ‘pro-life’ legislation ever carried in Virginia,” and by that of course she means it would completely ban abortion. She added that “there is no compromise, there CAN BE no compromise” with those who “support killing the unborn.”
  • Aliyah Duran from the Centreville region “Students for Life,” who talked about being “unapologetically anti-abortion,” falsely claimed that Gov. Ralph Northam made a statement in support of infanticide (actually, as this fact check finds, “Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was not supporting ‘infanticide.’ According to a spokeswoman, he was referring to a ‘extremely rare case’ of a nonviable pregnancy.”), stated that “there is no middle ground on this issue,” declared that “Americans are born to be free, but in Virginia we are not free to be born,” condemned anyone who’s “moderate on the abortion issue” and urged that “abortion must be abolished and not regulated.
  • Duane Adams of the Louise County Board of Supervisors, who said that “today is about giving a voice to the unborn who have been murdered 63 million times since 1972 when Roe v Wade was a made-up constitutional right.” He called the current moment a “generational opportunity” to ban abortion.
  • Del. Dave LaRock (for more on him, see Extremist, Insurrectionist VA Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33) Said That “Short of Being Raped or Killed,” There Was Nothing Worse Than Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine), who declared that “there is no room for compromise” on abortion – “alive is alive and dead is dead, and there is no in-between.” LaRock also quoted the Bible, which is interesting, given that the Bible does NOT define life as beginning at conception, and in fact many faith traditions – such as Judaism – actually “[mandate] the termination of a pregnancy in certain circumstances involving the life or health of the mother.” LaRock reiterated that there can be “no compromise whatsoever” on this issue. He praised Donald Trump, because…of course he did. And he called on Gov. Youngkin – “no waiting, no talk about the Democrats controlling the Senate” – to “take immediate action” to “direct UVA and VCU medical centers to immediately cease these abortion procedures,” as well as to “direct Virginia government agencies that they not do business with any organization or entity which in any way actively promotes, facilitates or engages in the taking of the lives of pre-born babies.”
  • Rep. Bob Good (for more on him, see Far-Right Extremist Rep. Bob Good (R-VA05) Has Been Endorsed by a Rogue’s Gallery of Extremists and Insurrectionists; VA05 Overwhelmingly Republicans Re-Nominate Extremist, Insurrectionist, Science Denier, Bigot, etc. Rep. Bob Good; etc.), who claimed that, “mercifully, the most destructive decision in the history of the Supreme Court has been reversed” (uhhhh…did you ever hear of the Dred Scott decision? Korematsu?  Plessy v Ferguson?). Good added that Roe v Wade has resulted in “63 million lives” being lost, “more than the population of France…more than what’s been attributed to the ‘China virus’ over two years every year for 49 years and all of it 100% preventable.” Good added, “Thank god for the courage of Donald J. Trump,” because…of course he did. He also falsely claimed that Democrats are the “party of death…the party of extremism.”

Also, there was a prayer about how there’s a “godly nation” and an “ungodly nation”; and a rousing rendition of the far-right-wing national anthem, “I’m Proud to Be an American,” because…of course there was!  Anyway…that’s what we’re up against, and why we’d all better vote – and vote BLUE – like the future of our country depends on it. Because it really does…if you don’t want to be ruled by extremists like LaRock, Good, etc.


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