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Glenn Youngkin Campaigning Today in Arizona for Extremist, Election Denier Who Favors Total Abortion Ban, “has called for the jailing of journalists,” Falsely Believes COVID Vaccines Are Dangerous, etc.

And no, Youngkin is not in any way/shape/form a "moderate."


What’s Glenn Youngkin up to today? If your guess is, “NOT doing the job he was hired to do,” you are correct! Also, if your guess is that, instead of doing his job, he’s off campaigning for right-wing extremists/election deniers such as Christine Drazan in Oregon and Kari Lake in Arizona. For more information on Lake, see Glenn Youngkin to Campaign for One of the Most Extreme, Trumpist/MAGA, Bats**t Candidates in America – Kari Lake in AZ (Among other things, Lake (falsely) believes abortion is “the ultimate sin,” the 2020 election was stolen, COVID vaccines are dangerous, etc.). Also, check out this morning’s article by Judd Legum, which reports:

In Arizona, the RGA has committed to spend at least $11 million on ads supporting Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for Governor. Lake, a former local TV anchor, has made the lie that Trump won the 2020 election the centerpiece of her campaign. “You know how to know [the news is] fake?” Lake said in her first TV ad. “Because they won’t even cover the biggest story out there: the rigged election of 2020.” She has called for the jailing of journalists who report that Biden’s win in Arizona was legitimate. (Nike previously said it would only support candidates committed to “upholding the principles of democracy.”)

Lake also says that, as governor, she will enforce a total abortion ban passed in 1901, 11 years before Arizona became a state. In a June interview on Fox News, Lake said she supported closing all abortion clinics in Arizona and banning abortion pills. (After Roe was overturned, Nike said it would cover abortion-related travel for employees, describing it as an aspect of “quality healthcare.”)

Notably, Lake has used her Twitter account to take shots at Kaepernick and Rapinoe.

So yeah, that’s who Glenn Youngkin is campaigning for in Arizona today, after having already campaigned for right-wingnuts like Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Paul LePage in MaineHeidi Ganahl in ColoradoJoe Lombardo in Nevada, Christine Drazan in Oregon, etc, etc. Any further questions about whether, when many of us warned last year that Youngkin was no “moderate,” but in fact was very Trumpian, voters should have listened?


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