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“Youngkin’s extremism has singlehandedly made Virginia the ONLY state where citizens lose all voting rights if convicted of any felony.”


The “mainstream” political media in this country continues to try and whitewash Glenn Youngkin into some sort of “moderate,” but of course those of us who actually live in Virginia know that’s not even close to being the case. To the contrary, not only has Youngkin campaigned in Virginia and around the country for a slew of extremist candidates(most of whom lost, thank goodness), he’s also done a slew of other bad things, including:

On and on it goes, demonstrating beyond any doubt that Youngkin is a right winger, happily endorsed by Trump (Youngkin even said that “President Trump [sic] represents so much of why I’m running”), who views Ron DeSantis as his role-model governor, etc.

And the latest right-wingnuttery from Youngkin? Check this out:

Governor Glenn Youngkin just gave himself a lot more power to pick and choose Virginia voters. The Republican governor’s administration told state lawmakers in a letter last week that he was rescinding his predecessors’ policy of automatically restoring the voting rights of people with felony convictions. 

Going forward, Virginians will no longer regain their rights when released from prison—the most recent policy announced by Virginia officials in 2021—nor at any later point, unless Youngkin deems them to be worthy on an individual basis. 


“We are back to 1902-era policy,” Democratic state Senator Scott Surovell tweeted last week after Youngkin’s administration notified him of the change, in reference to the 1902 convention that designed Virginia’s disenfranchisement system with the explicit goal of disenfranchising Black residents: “discrimination within the letter of the law,” as one delegate termed it. That legacy lived on; as recently as 2016, 22 percent of Black Virginians were barred from voting.

“This language in our constitution is from extraordinarily dark origins,” Surovell told Bolts in a follow-up. “I thought we’d settled this debate over the past twelve years of reform, but apparently… anything’s on the table.”

Any further questions about who and what Youngkin is? And “oh by the way” (to use an expression that’s a weird verbal tick for Youngkin), any “news” outlet  – Politico, for instance, or Time Magazine, or whoever else – that claims Youngkin is a “centrist,” “moderate,” not Trump-like, blah blah blah, is not a serious news organization – at least not for politics. Period. Because they are putting out straight-up disinformation…



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