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SurveyUSA: Boucher 51%-Griffith 41%

According to SurveyUSA (for what it's worth, as I'm honestly not sure what to make of this outfit's - or any outfit's - polling this cycle):
In VA-09, Democrat Boucher Remains Well Positioned for 15th Term in US House: In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia's 9th Congressional District today, 10/14/10, incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher defeats Republican State House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, 51% to 41%, according to a WDBJ-TV news poll conducted by SurveyUSA. 1 in 5 Republicans cross-over to vote Democrat. Independents break for the Democrat, one of the few places in 2010 where this is the case.
Apparently, Rick Boucher is so personally popular in the 9th CD, that even a national tsunami can't wash him away. This one looks like a Democratic "hold" in a couple weeks from now.

Caught on Video: Carpetbagger Griffith Talks About Manipulating Redistricting


Thanks to a complaint filed against Morgan Griffith by Independent 9th District Congressional candidate Jeremiah Heaton to the Justice Department, you can see an example of what Griffith is really like.  There are actually two videos at this link, the short and long version.  I urge you to view the long version all the way to the end.

Check it out above or at  political blogs.Specifically, according to the article:

In the August 20, 2010 video, Morgan Griffith recounts a May 29th discussion he had with Jeremiah Heaton concerning future redistricting as it applies to the location of Griffith's 6th district home. On the video, Morgan Griffith states the following:

"You gotta bring 65,000 people in; I'm coming in. And Heaton actually said to me, 'Can you guarantee it?' and I said yes, and he looked at me kind of funny. I said if I am in Congress, my friends in the House are going to take care of me. If I'm not in Congress, I'm drawing the line. I can guarantee it."

SurveyUSA: Boucher 53%-Griffith 38%

I'm not sure what to make of SurveyUSA polls this cycle, as some of them have seemed wacky (e.g., in Virginia's 5th CD). With that caveat, check out these new results:
In an election for US House of Representatives in Virginia's 9th Congressional District today, 09/30/10, incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher defeats Republican State House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith 53% to 38%, according to this latest exclusive WDBJ-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA.

Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released 4 weeks ago, little has changed; Boucher up 3 points, Griffith is down 2. In addition to maintaining a commanding lead among women, Boucher now leads among men and voters under age 50, groups where he previously trailed.

If true, it looks like Rick Boucher is coasting to reelection over carpetbagger and climate change skeptic Morgan Griffith. I find it particularly interesting that Boucher is gaining ground on Griffith; could this be yet another indication of what appears to be a more favorable climate for Democrats as the election nears?  Oh, wait, hasn't the corporate media been telling us for months that the Democrats are doomed, DOOMED they tell us?!?  Yeah, and we must always believe the corporate media!  (snark)

Home in the Fighting 9th, Our Candidate Can Vote For Himself...


When he is not representing the 9th in Washington, US Rep Rick Boucher works tirelessly, listening to his constituents and addressing issues affecting them. Decades before they became popular, Rick Boucher was holding Town Halls across his far-flung district. The district has been gerrymandered to make Rick's life tougher.  Ironically, that means Morgan Griffith cannot hope to know it. Rick was back in town on Monday.

Come election time, all Blacksburg roads lead to Jim Shuler's home and his get-togethers for our Democratic candidates.  The splash of signs in this Dem-rich district (Hethwood usually votes around 60% for our candidates) led the way.  As I approached Shuler's home, the now-gold leaves floated to the ground. And then I heard the familiar sound of bagpipes, "trademark" of Jim and Margaret's warm hospitality.  Easy conversation, another trademark, makes it hard to live blog.  Running into people I know and greatly like will do that. The guest of honor, Rick Boucher, talked easily with guests.  When the time came for speeches, Jim highlighted the importance of our electing someone with a track record of effective representation of the 9th in Congress.

Rick Boucher has significant seniority.  Unlike his opponent, Rick has actually brought jobs to the 9th.  Unlike his opponent, Rick seeks constructive solutions.  His opponent seeks obstruction (my aside, and a mighty track record he has at that!).  The stakes are so high, reminded Jim.  

Rick Boucher’s Latest Commercial


Rick Boucher (D-9th) has released an ad that highlights the fact that his opponent doesn't even live in the 9th District, without ever mentioning that fact. The way Boucher achieves that end is simply to highlight his own roots in the district all his life. There was no need to mention that his GOPer opponent, Morgan Griffith, lives in the 6th District. The ad is mega-effective.

It’s Official: 9th District Democratic Convention Nominates Boucher


The 9th Congressional District Democratic Convention this past Saturday nominated US Rep Rick Boucher. 188 attendees cheered and clapped, as US Rep. Rick Boucher came to the stage to the sounds of 2001: A Space Odyssey (and wrestler Ric Flair's theme music).  The Roanoke Times reports that Boucher quipped, "I didn't pick that music, by the way," bringing laughter to the attendees.  

When Rick Boucher campaigns, he doesn't say his opponent's name.  Yesterday would be no exception.  But the truth is that it would not be possible to tell who the oppo officially is just yet, though we have a good idea, because so many want Rick's job.  There are six Republicans (including the arch-conservative Morgan Griffith) and one independent eager to take him on.  At least they think they are.  But Rick has a formidable contingent, which crosses party lines, in the 9th.  Yet in robotic fashion, the so-called MSM is abuzz with how "tough" this election year will be for candidates like Boucher.  Pass the Republican talking points anyone (snark)?