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Just a Few Reasons Why I Say Good Riddance to Bill “ALEC” Howell as Virginia House Speaker


Valerie Garner of the Roanoke Free Press actually broke the news two weeks ago that Virginia House Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell would be stepping down after the current General Assembly session, but now the corporate media has finally caught up (and of course not crediting Garner – typical).  My attitude is mostly “good riddance” to this corporate tool, although things certainly won’t get better under Howell’s successor, the even further right-wing Kirk Cox. For now, though, let’s take a quick look through the Blue Virginia archive at why I say “good riddance” to “ALEC” Howell.

P.S. I’ve got to run out now, but there’s a lot more…will add links later. For now, enjoy (?).
P.P.S. The more I think about going from Bill Howell to Kirk Cox (or to Terry Kilgore, for that matter), the more I conclude that this is like getting rid of the awful corporate tool and right winger Eric Cantor and getting the even WORSE Dave Brat…as the Republican Party goes further and further off the far-right deep end.

Bill “ALEC” Howell Signs ALEC Letter to Google Blaming Climate Activists for ALEC’s Own Craziness: Yep, Howell’s climate science denier, good fossil fuel industry tool that he is…

VA Speaker Howell Leaps to ALEC’s Defense; Attacks Anna Scholl as Only Understanding “Little” Words: He’s a sexist as well.

Virginia Women’s “Strike Force” Condemns Speaker Howell for “Demeaning Rhetoric” Towards Women: As I was saying…

Democratic Senators Condemn Speaker Howell for his Actions (“Democratic Senators are condemning Speaker Howell for breaching security of Governor McAuliffe’s office to undermine the budgeting process and one is calling for the Speaker to apologize for his action–which the Richmond Times Dispatch editorialized was ‘small, petty, sullen, mean, insulting and about several hundred other pejoratives.'”)

Speaker Bill “ALEC” Howell Celebrates Denying Healthcare Coverage to 100s of 1000s of Virginians: Nasty.

ALEC in Crisis; Virginia Speaker Bill Howell Tasked With Helping Save It (“Over at The Guardian, they’ve got a major scoop about our pals at the far-right-wingnut American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and their money and membership woes following the Trayvon Martin murder.”)

Speaker Howell Rules Massive Redraw of Districts Not Germane

GOP Virginia House Speaker Takes No Action Against Member Indicted for Child Abuse

Small Consolation: Republican Howell Lobbies IN the Legislature (“Howell has lobbied for years to indemnify a corporate donor from lawsuits.”)

I Ask Bill “ALEC” Howell a Simple Question. Of Course He Has No Answer.


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