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Video: You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Watched Amanda Chase and a Bunch of Unmasked Trump Cultists in Clifton Singing Along to M-A-G-A (to the Tune of the Village People’s YMCA)!

The singing is led by "Ricky Rebel"


Presented without further comment, because what else is there really to say about far-right Sen. Amanda Chase (the only announced VA GOP candidate for Virginia governor right now) in Clifton (Fairfax County) last night, with Trumpster “Ricky Rebel,” her unmasked/not-socially-distanced MAGA friends, not to mention the sing-along and “choreography” to the tune the Village People’s YMCA (irony alert?!?), etc. What is this weird alternate timeline we’re living in, again, and how do we get out of it???

P.S. For more on (moron?) Chase, see Video: VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Warns Followers “DO NOT VOTE ABSENTEE!”; Falsely Claims That GOP-Heavy Precincts Will Have Their Ballot Boxes Destroyed/Disappeared; Video: Extremist Amanda Chase (R) Campaigns with VA GOP U.S. Senate Nominee Daniel Gade, Amanda Chase Spent the Week Doubling Down on Racism; Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase Rants About “Destroying WHITE HISTORY,” Taking Down “White” Monuments and “Not Others”; Video: 2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Says “I don’t do COVID anymore, I’m back to normal, full speed ahead.”; Amanda Chase’s Offensive Behavior Is Pushing Away Fellow Republicans, Swing Voters; Audio: Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Says “I Wish [NRA] Would Write *Me* a Check for $200,000”; Right-Wing Republican Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase: “It’s those who are naive and unprepared that end up raped”; “I Call My Revolver My Little Equal Rights Amendment”; State Senator Amanda Chase (R-11th) Claims Capitol Police Are Partisan Liars; Far-Right, Pistol-Packing Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase Praises “Make Bang Bang” Gun Guy’s “great group who believe in our constitution and rights as Americans.”; Far-Right Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase: “The ERA Amendment is nothing more than a ploy by the left to eliminate gender altogether.”; Audio: State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Rips Senate Republicans as “Bozos,” “Clown Show”


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