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Loudoun Chair Phyllis Randall: “I could be wrong but I believe [Del. Dave] LaRock is breaking a few laws.”

Loudoun Supervisor Juli Briskman: "It’s my understanding this ongoing trespass, harassment & property damage has been reported to @LoudounSheriff many times to no avail. 🧐 Is LaRock above the law?"


What on earth is going on here (for more, including a tweet by Loudoun Chair Phyllis Randall and some more information – including video – from far-right Virginia Del. Dave LaRock’s neighbor on what he’s up to, see below)? Also, for background information on LaRock, see: Extremist, Insurrectionist VA Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33) Said That “Short of Being Raped or Killed,” There Was Nothing Worse Than Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine; Extremist VA Del. Dave LaRock (R-HD33) Shared Content from 9/11 “Truther” Who Wrote Book on “12-foot-tall alien lizard people, many of whom just happen to be posing as Jews”FWIW Virginia: Far-Right Republican Del. Dave LaRock Pushes Dangerous and Irresponsible Vaccine MisinformationVideo: Del. Cia Price, Del. Patrick Hope Slam Far-Right/Extremist Del. Dave LaRock’s “Dangerous,” “False Information” COVID Vaccine Bill, Which Is Then Voted Down 18-3;  Following 1/6/21 Insurrection at U.S. Capitol, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Demands Resignation of Faaaaar-Right Del. Dave LaRock (R)Loudoun Delegate Dave LaRock (R) in Trouble With The Law…AgainFar-Right Virginia Delegate Shares Post Railing Against a Supposed “engineered tyrannical coup d’état” Against Trump; etc.


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