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Loudoun Judge Who Outrageously Jailed Domestic Violence Survivor Is a Former Local GOP Chair, Was Pushed By Far-Right Republicans (Dick Black, Mark Obenshain, Dave LaRock, etc.) In Process That Wasn’t Fair or Open

If this outrages you and you never want it to happen again, make sure you vote *Democratic* up and down the ballot this election!


In case you missed it, this past Thursday:

“[L]eaders of Virginia organizations including the Virginia chapter of NOW…and domestic and sexual violence survivors [assembled] in front of the Loudoun County Courthouse…to bring attention to a misogynistic incident in the judicial system,” in which Loudoun County Circuit Court Judge James Fisher “interrupted [domestic violence survivor Katie] Orndoff’s testimony, released the jury…interrogated her with a series of questions she nervously and respectfully answered,” then “found her in contempt of court for admitting her use of a legal substance, cannabis, that morning to calm her fears at having to appear before her assailant. The judge ordered six deputies to take custody of Ms. Orndoff, haul her out of the courtroom and jail her for 10 days…Further, he ordered an assault on Ms. Orndoff by demanding her blood be drawn against her will after she was convicted.

If this doesn’t enrage you, I’m not sure what if anything ever would. But as bad as this specific case was, Fisher’s actions also “may create a chilling effect surrounding victim willingness to testify in cases of domestic violence, an area of law already replete with victims recanting and/or refusing to cooperate, due to the extensive trauma domestic violence victims experience through the cycle of power and control, especially in cases where victims have mental health concerns, as … in the case at bar.” Horrifying and totally unacceptable.

So who is this judge, exactly, and how on earth did he get on the bench in the first place?  Here’s what we know about him:


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