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A Dozen of the Most Extreme, Batsh*t-Crazy Republicans Running in Key Virginia General Assembly Races This Year

Plus, some of the worst who are running in "deep-red" districts...


At this point, of course, we know that the Republican Party of the past (the one that had normal conservatives, moderates and even progressive Republicans like Jacob Javits and Lowell Weicker) is loooong gone, and that today’s Republican Party fully reflects the warped values, far-right-extremism, hostility to democracy and science, bigotry, cruelty, etc, etc. of its undisputed leader, Donald J. Trump. Here in Virginia, the crop of 2023 Virginia Republican General Assembly candidates very much reflects this reality, as the vast majority of them – with almost no exceptions, actually – are hard right, anti-democracy, anti-reproductive-freedom, anti-environment (pro-fossil-fuels, deniers/minimizers of climate science), Trumpists, etc.

Unfortunately, some of these extremists are already elected officials and are running for reelection in deep-red districts, so are almost certain to be reelected to the Virginia House of Delegates or State Senate. Just a few that jump out, as the worst of the worst, include:

We could go on all day with this, of course, as almost all Virginia Republican candidates this year are hard right, but that’s just a very short sampling to give you a flavor of the types of candidates running as Republicans this year for Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. As you can see, some of these folks are batsh*t crazy.

Now, here are a dozen Republicans running in key, competitive districts who are far-right all the way and badly need to be defeated on November 7.


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