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50 Most-Read Blue Virginia Blog Posts of 2017


With a week or so left in 2017 – an extremely eventful year in the country and in Virginia! – according to Google Analytics (note: I’ve been told by the techies that Google Analytics is a conservative estimate, also that it doesn’t necessarily match up with what our server is showing), we’ve had over 1.6 million pageviews on Blue Virginia this year, of which about 1.4 million have been “unique pageviews.” In terms of most-viewed articles, also per Google Analytics, see below for the top 50.  Looking  at this, it seems to me that readers really liked live blogs of election results, polls, rankings, information on candidates and reading about the Perriello vs. Northam primary. Do you agree? What would you like to see more/less of in 2018?  Oh, and of course thanks to all our readers, advertisers, sponsors, and contributors, including of course tech whiz Brendan Lilly, who keeps the site looking great and humming along in 2017!

  1. 2017 Virginia Democratic House Candidates by District [7/29/17 UPDATE]
  2. Live Blog: Virginia Election Results 2017
  3. Virginia Election Day 2017: Open Thread
  4. Governor-Elect Ralph Northam Announces Transition Committee
  5. Outspent 7:1, Democrats Pull Major Upset Victory in PW County!
  6. Petition Before SCOTUS Seeks To Nullify Election
  7. Don’t Know Who to Vote For in the Virginia Democratic Lt. Governor Primary?
  8. Audio: Major Concerns in Virginia HD-28, Including Disenfranchised Voters, “Split Precincts,” Call Election Results Into Serious Question
  9. Racist, Fascist Fliers Pop Up in Alexandria; Del. Mark Levine Calls It “shocking wake-up call to see such filth”
  10. New Poll Has Tom Perriello Up 54%-46%; Corey Stewart (!) Up 42%-41%
  11. We Need Democratic Recruits in Virginia. And We Need Them Now.
  12. A Few Takeaways from the Huge Democratic Win Tonight in Fairfax County, Virginia
  13. Final Results of Blue Virginia 2017 Gov. Poll #1: Northam 50.7%-Perriello 48.3% (4,762 total votes)
  14. A Charlottesville ER Nurse Speaks After a Day of Decompression.
  15. Operating on a Suspended Law License, VA GOP AG Nominee Represented Huge Subprime Lender That “Shattered Lives”
  16. Latest Update on Virginia House of Delegates Recounts
  17. My Concern About Ralph Northam — and Why on June 13, I Will Vote for Tom Perriello
  18. Virginia House of Delegates Race Ratings (8/19/17)
  19. Why Would Any Democrat Vote Against Cheaper-Priced Drugs from Canada?
  20. Blue Virginia Poll for Governor, Lt. Governor (Democrats): FINAL RESULTS
  21. 2017 Virginia Special Elections: Your chance to take a strong step into the new year!
  22. Poll: Who Do You Support for Lt. Governor of Virginia? [2,000+ Votes — CLOSED]
  23. Virginia Primary Day 2017 Results: Live Blog
  24. Rogue Stafford County Registrar Goes “Into Hiding,” Takes Down Twitter and Facebook Accounts
  25. Great Explanation of “Baghdad Sean” Spicer’s Bizarre, N. Korea-Style Statement Yesterday
  26. Sunday News: “The Hoods Are Off”; “White supremacists cheer Trump’s response”; RIP Heather Heyer, Murdered by Neo-Nazi Thug
  27. Far-Right-Wing Va. Del. Greg Habeeb Attacks “Boyfriend of Va. reporter fatally shot on live TV in 2015”
  28. Live Blog: Simonds vs. Yancey Recount Underway with Control of Virginia House of Delegates at Stake [UPDATE: Simonds Wins by 1!]
  29. Ranking the Competitiveness of Virginia’s House of Delegates Districts
  30. “I work at the EPA and yeah it’s as bad as you are hearing”
  31. EXCLUSIVE: Virginia State Sen. Jennifer Wexton Being Recruited to Run for Congress Against Barbara Comstock in 2018
  32. BREAKING: Democrat Kimberly Adams Announces Against Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA 10)
  33. Perriello to Torch-Wielding Racists in Cville: “Get your white supremacist hate out of my hometown”
  34. Tom Perriello: Open Letter to Virginia Democrats
  35. I Am a Pro-Choice Woman, But the 2017 VA Democratic Primary Has Profoundly Shaken My Faith in NARAL Virginia
  36. Final BV Poll Results: Perriello 486-Northam 418; Platt 349-Rossi 292-Fairfax 263
  37. Video: Rep. Barbara Comstock (100% Pro-Trump Voting Record) Flees Parade in Manassas, VA
  38. Word Clouds: Trump’s Inaugural Speech Compared to Obama’s, Bush 43 & 41’s, Clinton’s, Reagan’s, Carter’s
  39. Top 50 Reasons to Vote Today for Tom Perriello for Governor of Virginia
  40. Yorktown HS Graduating Senior Graham Weinschenk: “Why do students smoke pot or use xanax or adderall?”
  41. At Dulles Airport, Va. Gov. McAuliffe, AG Herring Push Back Against Trump’s Racist Anti-Muslim Executive Order
  42. Video: Yorktown HS Students Defend Diversity Posters, Decry Post-Trump “Wave of Hate”
  43. Can Dems Win Back the Virginia House of Delegates? Let’s Start By Winning a Bunch of These 17 “Clinton Districts!”
  44. On Veterans Day, VA Dems Decry Stafford County Electoral Board Refusal to Count Military Ballots, Release Provisional Ballots List
  45. BREAKING: NY Times Reports Tom Perriello to Announce for Governor of Virginia Tomorrow
  46. Trump, DeVos, Brat and VA GOP Unite to Destroy Public Education: Lack of Adequate SOQ Funding; Block Granting of Vouchers
  47. Winners and Losers: Virginia Elections 2017
  48. Tom Perriello: Why I Oppose the Pipelines and Strongly Support Ralph Northam
  49. New Poll: Perriello 26%-Northam 26%; Gillespie 38%-Stewart 11%; Platt Leads Dem Race for LG
  50. Northam or Perriello: What Message to Send the Democratic Party?
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